Happy Happy 2016

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Happy Happy - 2016

Illustration: George Karkoulas. Holiday Card by helenoppenheim.com

Wishing all my Blog and Website fans Happy Happy Holidays and all the very  best, in every way possible, for 2017.  To some, thank you for being there for me.  You know who you are.   This illustration is by my friend, the very  talented hairdresser and artist, George Karkoulas (1954-1993.)  Always remembered.  “I love you, mad, George,” he  used to write with every illustration he did just for me, which he sent me every Christmas for years. He worked with me on some and did trust me to tweak those sent, so I hope he would be proud to see how I do that and a little more with my Christmas cards at the end of this album.   To see more  of his wonderful illustrations, click HERE