Must-Read Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries – 2018

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Must-Read Tina Brown's Vanity Fair Diaries – 2018

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I am half-way through devouring Tina Brown’s utterly delicious “Vanity Fair Diaries” and can’t put the book, um, Kindle, down. I just must share with you.  It helps I am a long-time Vanity Fair subscriber and a former (non-hack!) PR, and I do know most of the people she writes about in her magazine tell-all to end all tell-alls, but anyone interested in the ultimate gossip book, wonderfully written, who wants to know what goes into producing a successful magazine and how to navigate the backstabbing and sheer nastiness in the work place, then her inside Condé Nast stories are for you.  Don’t know how she gets away with all the dishing, some breathtaking, sure a lot of lawyers made certain she will, but she will make a lot of powerful enemies!  Not that she cares.  Tina Brown was Editor in Chief of Vanity Fair for 8 years, from the mid-80s to 1983, and how she re-invented a really failing magazine, her personal life, her career covering mostly New York and Hollywood with her London beginnings thrown in, all of it is a must-read. Shown here are three of her many famous covers – Princess Diana The Mouse That Roared … The Reagan Stomp with Ronnie and Nancy … Demi Moore pregnant and nude (there are inside scoops and shenanigans for each cover)  … A recent photo of Tina Brown … Tina with her famous husband/editor-in-chief/author, Sir Harry Evans, 25 years her senior …Tina with her Vanity Fair staff in the mid-80s.

Photo Credits: Princess Di, Courtesy Vanity Fair … Ronnie and Nancy, Harry Benson … Demi Moore, Annie Leibovitz … Tina Brown, Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty … Tina Brown and staff, Tina Brown.