Nicole Kidman’s Undoing Hair Inspo – 2020

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Nicole Kidman's Undoing Hair Inspo- 2020

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Nicole Kidman, her long curly fiery red hair in The Undoing has taken over social media. The 6 part mini-series thriller now airing on HBO (with repeats and streaming)  was shot in New York City in 2019, pre-Covid, and is worth watching. But it is the Kidman hair which is causing the waves. Some say the hair is the star of the series!  It is waving beautiful, the kind of hair everyone will want and is definitely a trend-setter.  We know Kidman’s hair is naturally curly, although worn straightened for years, but Is it a wig? Or hair extensions?  Then there is a still-attractive Hugh Grant as we haven’t seen him before, a great Donald Sutherland, and the coats. Ah the coats. They look wonderful as the 5’11”  Kidman walks the Upper East Side NYC streets, and they have a life of their own. There is the maroon velvet coat ($148 on and the Grace Sachs Undoing Green Coat ($169-$199 on Click, Click –  Take a look at the Official HBO Trailer to get excited about the series and the hair!

Nicole Kidman Hair: Kay Georgiou … Nicole Kidman Makeup: Kyra Panchenko
Photo Credits: Top L-R: … Pinterest … … … Bottom L-R: … startsat1 …