Trend Alert. Painted On Lip Mustache – 2020

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Trend Alert.Painted On Lip Mustache – 2020

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Trend Alert.  Captured backstage at the Global Collective NY Fashion Week show for Spring 2020, this lip mustache being painted on a male model with hair up to there. A lip mustache is   something new.  Black lipstick on the upper lip, with ends curling up, like a mustache of the old days.  Worn here with  a Frida Kahlo eyebrow.  The exaggerated make up on both sexes was by Michelle Strain . The hair was  by Jorge Luis, the fashions by Mr Hua/Mrs Hua, a Chinese brand designed by NiuNiu Chou, a fusion of pop art with contemporary styling. Stay tuned for more  …

Hair: Jorge  Luis on behalf of Milbon USA … Products: Milbon USA … Tools: Stylecraft, Gamma, Olivia Garden … Makeup: Michelle Strain on behalf of AOFMPro using Dermalogica … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Crimped HaIr Fantasy for NAHA – 2018

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Crimped HaIr Fantasy for NAHA – 2018

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

This crimped hair fantasy with a lot going on is strictly for the avant-garde. It rises up to there and out to there with a mix of textures and hairdressing skills using extensions and a bald cap to simulate shaved sides.   The fan fantasy is one of three cool looks by Jamal Edmonds, Salon Lamaj, who is a Finalist in the Texture Category for NAHA 2018. Winners to be announced July 29 in Las Vegas.

Hair: Jamal Edmonds, Salon Lamaj, Capitol Heights, MD … Makeup: Leilonimua, Face to Face … Photo: Roberto Ligresti for NAHA/PBA