7 Canadian Launch 1980

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Vidal Sassoon with Helen Oppenheim, Canadian Launch 1980, Toronto

Helen Oppenheim with Vidal Sassoon

in Toronto at the Canadian launch of the Vidal Sassoon hair care line and designer jeans and tops.

It took me a long time to recover from planning this major 3-day PR effort which included
all media, from papers to magazines, to tv, radio and more – in 3 cities.   It was hugely
successful but totally exhausting.  Vidal had wanted to approve  all interviews,
in advance, no spaces between interviews, either for the 1 day in Montreal,
a Sunday, or for the 2 days in Toronto.  Interviews continued throughout meals,
Vidal did yoga as he talked about his event on TV, very early in the morning and he
ended the 2 day promotional tour with a massage, something I should have done!

Radio interviews were done later.  And I remember flying in to Toronto for a major
interview to join Vidal and the interviewer just for lunch one day.

Recently I found that schedule I gave Vidal Sassoon in advance, and I can’t
believe I did all that – from New York too.  But I do know that one of the major reasons that
Vidal Sassoon became a legend is because he knew the value of the media and
public relations promotions, he wanted and expected more than anyone,
and he knew how to get it.