Happy July 4 With Vogue – 1926

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Happy July 4 With Vogue - 1926

Vogue Eduardo Garcia Benito

Happy July 4. 2022 to all my Blog Followers with this Eduardo Garcia Benito Art Deco Vogue cover from 1926.



Joy Reid of MSNBC & Her Own Hair – 2022

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Joy Reid of MSNBC & Her Own Hair- 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim, with thanks to MSNBC

Joy Reid the beloved MSNBC host and national correspondent like no other has finally settled on her own hair, and for more than one night. So far!  Having entertained most and annoyed many with her provocative nightly hair changes, as in this collage, she must have decided it is time make her own hair healthy, which must have suffered with all those extensions and under all those wigs.   Let’s hope she is on her way to a healthier head of hair.  But, dear Joy, please consider changing the color.  It has too much orange in it and could look so much better as your healthier hair grows in.

Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator graduated from Harvard University, is a two-time author and hosts “Reid Out” on MSNBC 7 pm nightly.
( Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid … @joyannreid … joyannreid.com )


Must See Brigitte Segura Curly Hair Tips – 2022

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Brigitte Segura Curly Hair Tips - 2022

Photo/Video: Helen Oppenheim

I always love the curly hair don’t care look of Brigitte Segura, the cut, the style, color, everything about it.  The Creative Strategist/Consultant Fashion Daily Mag Curator tells us her secrets how she gets the wonder on her head.
Must-see details follow,  but first check out this video for some styling tips (on Safari click the arrow)  –

“First a great cut, gentle trims, and color are musts for maintaining my hair,” she says.  Since the pandemic she has worked with two “fabulous” hair people who make house calls.  Coco, a curly friendly hairstylist, for major cuts and trims, once a year taking off inches and inches., so the hair will grow in more healthy with more abundant curls that help with the volume on the base of the hair, how the volume lifts the hair.  Rocco Barbetto gives a 1 process color with painted highlights.

“Keeping my  hair healthy is key,” adding “less is more.”  Her naturally curly hair can have wavy or super curly textures and the effect of hair painting enables a natural curly look.  Some types of styling products inhibit her natural curls from forming so she doesn’t use a gel, mousse, curl enhancing styling products or hairspray but, sometimes, reaches for a curling conditioner instead of a regular one.

The girl with curls washes her hair once a week with a good shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t leave residue.   She uses conditioners, some with essential oils, to texturize her hair.   Brigitte wets her hair in the shower daily, adds conditioner, leaving a bit of conditioner in the hair,  A hydrating conditioner works better than a leave-in. one, which can ignite lots of fine hairs going everywhere.  The hair is gently towel-dried then air dried for about an hour.

To get overall volume, she then turns her hair upside down, gets her hands under the hair, close to the scalp, making sure the curls and ends of the hair on her shoulders are finger-brushed out (not the hairs around her face) then she gently squeezes the curls with the palms of her hands, twice, before flipping the hair back for volume and curls.

A spritz of water or a leave-in conditioner can refresh after a day or two and she often uses a mask for curly hair. Different conditioners are used for different textured looks, especially on hot/humid/windy days.  Hair as amazing as this doesn’t just happen …

Haircut: Coco R. @51922orever … Hair Color: @RoccoBarbetto
Products: PhilipB Volumizing Shampoo, Everyday Beautiful and Lovin” Leave-in Conditioners …
Bhave SuperNova Leave-in Elixir and Curl Defining Creme … Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Creme
Eufora Moisture Mask Damage Cure Complex

Photo and Video: Helen Oppenheim
(FashionDailyMag… IG @fashiondailymag …  IG @brigitte_segura …TikTok @brigittesegura … brigittesegura.tumblr … IG @socialcuratorsNYC  and Shop BrigitteSegura on Amazon)


Marilyn Monroe 5’ 6”/ Kim Kardashian 5’ 2” – 2022

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Marilyn Monroe 5’ 6”/ Kim Kardashian 5’ 2” – 2022

Photos: Bettmann/Contributor. Taylor Hill, Getty Images/Time Magazine

Since Marilyn Monroe was 5’ 6” and Kim Kardashian is 5’ 2” someone must have adjusted the hemline of the famous Marilyn Monroe 1962 Jean Louis “Happy Birthday, Mr. President “ dress for Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala red carpet “Gilded Age” performance for the In America: Anthology of Fashion exhibition.     Yes, everyone is talking about the white fur cover-up at the back where the dress didn’t fit over the Kardashian toosh but, as far as I know, no one has mentioned the height difference.  We assume the Ripley Believe or Not Museum knew there had to be adjustment to the dress they paid $5 million for in 2016 and have preserved ever since in a case which cost $65,000.  So, the burning question is – was the hemline left shortened, then adjusted back to its original length, somehow? Or, perhaps more likely, did Kim totter on 4 inch heels?

Marilyn Monroe: Bettmann/Contributor … Kim Kardashian: Taylor Hill, Getty Images/Time Magazine


1843 Social Justice Quilt @ The Met – 2022

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1843 Social Justice Quilt @ The Met – 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage: helenoppenheim.com

This pro-abolition quilt designed in 1843 by American fashion designer, Maria Hollander can be seen in the Haverhill Room at “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition. The designer leveraged her business success to engage with issues of fundamental importance in her day, including abolition, women’s rights. and, later, she went on to advocate women’s suffrage.   The words say “WE GOOD THX!”  According to film maker Radha Blank, ”Black women were often uncredited as cultural weavers of the fabric of this country.”  This Costume Institute exhibition opens to the public in the  American Wing at the Met Museum, on Saturday, May 7, until September 5., 2022. To see 36 photos of the Exhibition, CLICK HERE



Met Museum “Battle of Versailles” Fashion – 2022

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Met Museum "Battle of Versailles" Fashion - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim.

One of the stand-out rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” exhibition in the American Wing is the “Battle of Versailles” room – where Tom Ford has reimagined what happened in 1973, when the top French designers faced off against the top American designers. It is great fun, not captured as well as it could be with my iPhone.  This is Part 2 of the Costume Institute’s exhibition exploring fashion in America and it opens for the public on Saturday, May 7.  Part 1, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” will continue in the Anna Wintour Costume Center at The Met until September 5, 2022, when both exhibitions will close.  To see 36 photos of the Exhibition, CLICK HERE



James Pecis Hair Balls @ Thom Browne – 2022

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James Pecis Hair Balls @ Thom Browne – 2022

Photo: James Pecis, Thom Browne, Getty

The sculptured hair balls created by James Pecis for the Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2022 “Island of Misfit Toys” dual-gender  Runway Show inspired by “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” were different on each of the 24 adult models.  The Styrofoam balls were a similar shape to the knit hats worn by the other 24 or so models and were anchored to slicked back heads with bobby pins, some with high ponytails, some with low ones.  All were spectacular.  Have to love Thom Browne. He’s not afraid of interesting hair for his more than interesting fashions.

Hair: James Pecis/Bryant Artists using Randco …Products: R+Co Bleu Highest Volumizing Mousse, Vicious Strong Hold Flexible and Outer Space Hairsprays … Hair Extensions: Yaki … Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench/Streeters … Photos: Courtesy James Pecis, Thom Browne and Getty.


Tim Miller Fmr RNC Spokeman In Pearls – 2022

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Tim Miller Fmr RNC Spokeman In Pearls – 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim, Fred J. DeVito. Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Sign of the times.  Former RNC Spokeman, Tim Miller, wore a simple strand of pearls when the MSNBC Contributor was being interviewed yesterday./ I think we can now safely say a man wearing pearls is mainstream!   After all, he is, or was, a Republican, even if a “never Trumper.”  Some trendies who have worn pearls over the last year are – from top to bottom – Romero Jennings, Director Makeup Artistry for Mac Cosmetics, backstage at the Frederick Anderson S/S 2022 New York Fashion Week Show … Kenneth Delio Loo,, Entrepreneur and guest, at the Tombogo  S/S NYFW Show  ….  Model wearing his own pearls backstage before the Tanner Fletcher F/W 2022 NYFW Presentation, hair by Mike Martinez for Cutler/Redken.

Photos: Tim Miller: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to MSNBC TV … Top to Bottom: Romero Jennings and Kenneth Delio Loo: Helen Oppenheim … Model: Fred J. DeVito