Belle Epoque Harlot @ Elena Valez – 2022

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Belle Epoque Harlot @ Elena Valez - 2022

Fashion Photo Left: Isadore Montag.  Beauty Photo Right: Helen Oppenheim

Update.  Elena Velez was recently recognized as the Best American Emerging Designer for 2022 by the CFDA.  This is the Belle Epoque Harlot Look at the Elena Valez New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 show held at the Freehand Hotel.  The makeup by Maite Moreira featured “soft lips and soft eyes with a unique feminism vibe,” said Claire Louise Perez, CEO/Founder of the New York Makeup Academy.   Elena Valez is an emerging new talent, reviews for the show, which opened with the soundtrack “She was a disgrace to all women”  included “gutsy” (Cathryn Horn, NY Magazine) … “Goth-grunge””gritty glam” a bit Mad Max: (WWD) … “tough and gritty, very hot” (Vogue.).  The theme was “Maidenhood & Its Labors.”  The hair, by Rodney Cutler, Cutler/Redken, was mostly “lived in” hair, very varied styles, always interesting. To see more hair inspirations, makeup which included black smudged lips, more of the aggressively delicate American artisanal deconstructed avant-garde fashions, CLICK HERE

Makeup: Maite Moreira, New York Makeup Academy … Hair: Rodney Cutler, Cutler/Redken … Model: Veronica … Photo Left: Isadore Montag … Photo Right: Helen Oppenheim


Joy Reid’s Cartoon No No Hair – 2022

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Joy Reid's Cartoon No No Hair - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim With Thanks to MSNBC

Dear Joy.  I am sorry.  I can’t help myself when it comes to your hair now.  Please please do something about it.  I realize your hair has to become healthy again after years of extensions and wigs and you need to color it, but your no no hair during the month of October 2022 is making you, the great beloved journalist that you are, into a cartoon character.  I can’t bear to watch you looking like this.  The latest mish mash swirling on top of your head, top center, had me switch programs last night.  The weird pouff in the large photo to the right, had the same effect recently.  Just keep it simple.   And try to have your hairdresser do something about the fact you have a high forehead and to style bearing that in mind.  A well cut gamine, Julius Caesar hair, perhaps.  I can recommend a good hairdresser  I know you will love, who will understand your hair, and you.   She is based in New York, but maybe she could come up with a style, a strategy, that your studio hairdressers can follow.  You do need hair help of another kind.

Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator graduated from Harvard University, is a two-time author and hosts “Reid Out” on MSNBC 7 pm nightly.
( Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid … @joyannreid … )


Wella’s Colorific Colors @ IntercoiffureAC – 2022

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Wella's Colorific Colors @ IntercoiffureAC 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

These colorific colors by Sony Dove for Wella US wowed onstage at the Intercoiffure American Canada Fall Atelier 2022, held recently at the Hilton Hotel in New York City.  Look at the four colors and the layers of colors on this male model. To see a video of this magic, go to my Instagram @HelenOppenheim (IntercoiffureAC Album) and to see more of the Hyper and Super Naturals introduced by the Wella Team and more onstage magic by top talents at the event scroll back and forth when you  CLICK HERE

Hair: Sonya Dove, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist @thesonyadove … Makeup: Joel Sebastian @joelstylist … Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Anna Pacitto Fun Hair IntercoiffureAC – 2022

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Anna Pacitto Fun Hair IntercoiffureAC - 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim. Collage

Anna Pacitto wowed with fun hair onstage at the IntercoiffureAC 2022 Fall Atelier. The Collection was called Quantum Love.  She told her audience she was thinking outside the box, “out of the box all the way.” And she didn’t disappoint as she inspired with hair we don’t usually see all over Instagram or onstage at hair events in Amerca!    One idea after another from cuts (cutting short hair to longer) to extensions (including long rasta looks and pieces encased in epoxy)  – the kind of hair she and her staff must have burned the midnight oil to produce for this knock-out show of pure creativity. Take this short look with furls of resin and hair undulating down both sides of the face, and body, which she worked on with Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare, artist extradordinaire, and headpiece/wig creator, whose past includes hair for Cirque du Soleil Events.

Anna is the Artist Director of Davines US, Artistic Director for  Intercoiffure America Canada, co-owner of Salon Pure in Montreal. Stay tuned for more Anna to come, archived in an album on this website (ThisThat/ShowTime) and check my Instagram for videos and more (@HelenOppenheim)

Hair: Anna Pacitto (@anna_pacitto_puremtl) with Isabelle Lachance and Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare on stage for Davines (@davinesofficial) at IntercoiffureAC (@intercoiffureac)
(Team Salon Pure Montreal: (Color) M.J. Medeiros, Nik Morel, Cynthia Vielledent, Roch Lemay …
Makeup: Ekkaterina Ulyanoff & Alexandra Deslauriers …Fashion Stylist: Florence Durand … Designer: Maria Destito …Model: Montage
Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Linh Nguyen Braids @ IntercoiffureAC – 2022

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Linh Nguyen Braids @ IntercoiffureAC - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim/Collage:

Linh Nguyen made things happen, producing  a runway hair fashion show for the first time I remember for the Intercoiffure America Canada Fall Atelier 2022 which took place at the Hilton Hotel Sunday October 2.  The consultant, producer and hairdresser showed shapes of New York Fashion Week as he does on the NYC runways.

There were a lot of braids, long braids, and long hair looks, some very long, with fashions by Michael Costello. Stay tuned on this blog, for archived photos on this website, and on social media for much more from this inspirational show, and much more to come of the other fab shows at the educational two-day event.

Hair: Linh Nguyen @linhhair … Makeup: Alice An @makeupbyalicean … Fashions: Michael Costello @michaelcostello … Photos: Helen Oppenheim @helenoppenheim



Netflix, The Empress, The Hair – 2022

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 Netflix, The Empress, The Hair – 2022

Netflix TV Series … Collage

The Netflix TV series The Empress” has a big fashion buzz , and starts tonight, September 29th.  I posted a blog all on the romantic historical German 6 episode series about Elizabeth, aka Sisi, the Empress of Austria (1837-1898)  –   scroll down one blog.  This blog is about her hair.  Which was ankle length, long and heavy. It is said her routine of brushing, dressing, braiding and pinning would last almost three hours and, according to Daily News Hungary,” it was treated with honey, eggs and cognac.”

Photos Top L-R :Netflix ad … Devrim Lignau as Elizabeth … The Collage with credits just posted, scroll down
Bottom Row : Elizabeth, her long hair, no makeup (Image Quora) … Elizabeth 16 year old bride (Image Wikipedia) … Empress Elizabeth (wiki commons by Kawaart) … Elizabeth at The Sisi Museum in Vienna.


The Empress, Netflix. Next Big Hit – 2022

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The Empress, Netflix. Next Big Hit – 2022

Netflix TV Series … Collage by

The Empress, due to start on Netflix on Thursday, September 29, has the buzz for the next big tv fashion, hair and beauty hit.   The romantic historical German  6 episode TV series tells the story of the Bavarian Princess who became the Empress of Austria, a Royal drama.   Elizabeth, known as Sisi, was the Princess Diana of her day, battling tradition in the 1800s Habsburg Royal Court after she married Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria. She was beloved. And  And, well, you can read all about the drama and see a video and a teaser with a CLICK HERE and a CLICK HERE

Photos Top L-R : Empress Elisabeth of Austria, 16 year old bride … Elizabeth had long hair (Heritage/Getty Image)…. Print of Emperor Franz Joseph with Empress Elizabeth and their children, ca 1880 (Heritage Images)
Yellow Dress Center: Devrim Lignau as Elizabeth  (image Julia Terjung/Netflix)
Bottom Row : Netflix ad … Philip Froissant (left) and a portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph … Sisi and Franz (Netflix)


Backstage @ Bosideng NYFW SS 2023

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Backstage @ Bosindeng NYFW SS 2023

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Carine Roitfeld, Creative Consultant for the Bosideng New York Fashion SS 2023 Show, CR Fashion Book Editor in Chief, former Editor in Chief of French Vogue, with Charlii Sebunya, Producer/Journalist Style Culture TV, wearing vintage, with a British vibe, from top to toe.  God Save The King.   To see photos of the show, CLICK HERE

Photo: Helen Oppenheim