Entry is Open for NAHA 2024 – 2023

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Entry is Open for NAHA 2024 – 2023

Photo: Gary Barragan (Courtesy Pro Beauty Association)

Time to rev up those creative juices. Entry is open for NAHA 2024, now through September 21, 2023.    The annual event will take place on the East Coast for the first time, in Orlando, in conjunction with Premiere Orlando, on June 2, 2024.

“A woman’s face is not something to be patched and spot-touched, but rather it is a unique canvas on which to create a one of a kind piece of art,” according to Isidro Valencia, who was nominated in the Makeup Artist of the Year category for NAHA 2023.

To win a NAHA award, artists submit their collections in 14 creative categories of hair, makeup, and education excellence.

Makeup: Isidro Valencia, Matthew Tyldesley Hair Artist, New Albany, Indiana … Wardrobe Stylist: Shirin Ghorbanian … Photo: Gary Barragan (Courtesy Pro Beauty Association)


The New Chic Warren Tricomi Salon – 2023

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The New Chic Warren Tricomi Salon – 2023

Collage Helen Oppenheim. Photographers: Unknown

Photo: Jillian Heft

Get ready, set, roll.  Go Glam,. At the new chic exquisite Warren Tricomi Salon on Upper East Side on Madison Avenue which just opened.  It’s where socialites, celebs, influencers and all those who want the smartest hair go for cuts, color, style or treatments offering the best in hair artistry and the science of hair transformation.

Edward Tricomi, the driving force behind the Warren Tricomi Salons, Hair Tastemaker, Trend Setter, Lead Stylist, and Roxana Pintilie, Business Magnate, co-founded  and co-own 3 U.S and 9 international upscale salons where every stylist has to work to Edward’s very high expectations, all of whom serve apprenticeships before they put scissors to the hair.  He is celebrated for his high-precision haircuts, always on trend, and he still does the best bobs in the biz!

The new salon, located at 969 Madison Avenue (at 76th Street, above Zitomers) is collaborating with world famous chef, Jean Georges.  A custom menu will be offered, which clients can order within an app with the help of Luna, an A1 Assistant Robot. Not sure how that works but it sounds interesting. For more info and to book an appointment at any of the US Salons, go to https://warrentricomi.com/ 

Salon Architect: http://atelierny.com/ … Collage by helenoppenheim.com, Photographers Unknown …  Salon Photographer: Jillian Heft


Barbie Eye NY Fashion Week 2009– 2023

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Barbie Eye NY Fashion Week 2009– 2023

Barbie Eye by Charlotte Tilbury, NYFW 2009.  Backstage Photo: Helen Oppenheim

This is the high fashion Barbie eye by Charlotte Tilbury created for the Barbie New York Fashion Week Show, Fall/Winter 2009.  The “Venetian Masque Barbie Eye” featured feathers, sequins and amazement.

The hair, by Orlando Pita for this show, was also amazing.  I have the photos on film, waiting to be converted to digital along with a whole box full of backstage hair photos I took and have yet to archived on my website – helenoppenheim.com

For fans of the Mattel Doll, “Barbie” The Warner Brothers Movie directed by Greta Gerwin, starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling in “The Real World” opens July 21,  2023.    For the Official Trailer, CLICK HERE



Nike Shorts for Men @ French Open – 2023

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Nike Shorts for Men @ French Open - 2023

Photos: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to Tennis TV

I have to say it.  I think the Nike shorts trend for men at the French Open for 2023 is silly.  The idea maybe good, something different coming from the street, but it doesn’t work from all angles in reality.   This is a trend which may not happen. On the other hand, it may.  What do you think?
Top players are wearing them at the Roland Garros Clay court event on now, on the Tennis Channel in America, Eurosport in Europe, until June 11.  (The semi-finals and final will also be on NBC in America but, be warned, they don’t always broadcast the full match, sometimes wanting us to pay for Peacock to see the end.  Safer to watch the Tennis Channel repeats, if they  and you have them!!)

Left to right:   Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz  … Canada’s Denis Shapovalov … America’s Taylor Fritz.
And others have fallen for the look!


Hair Legend Lluis Llongueras Dies – 2023

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Hair Legend Lluis Llongueras Dies – 2023

Collage by helenoppenheim.com

The legendary Lluis Llongueras passed away in Barcelona on May 29, 2023 after a long illness.   He was 87 years old.  Condolences to his family for the loss of a very special man.  So many memories.

The Catalan phenomenon was the most famous hairdresser ever in Spain, building an empire with so many salons and centers bearing his name, the numbers vary from 50  salons in Spain, to 70, and 120 salons and centers world wide.

He Founded and was Director of the monthly Peluquerias Magazine from 1969 to 2022.  I was US Correspondent for the hair art magazine like no other in the whole world from 1982 to 2022.  At various times, the magazine with my columns and those of Correspondents in Paris, London, Italy, Australia,  was published in Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea and I was translated in each language.

Not only was he a pioneering hairdresser, often avant-garde and trend-setting, an inspiration to hairdressers all over the world, he was also an entrepreneur, a sculptor, photographer, painter, poet, and author – with an impressive number of exhibitions and books for each talent.

Salvador Dali was his client for 30 years, and Llongueras knew how to make that mustache stand up.  In 1979, he did the Guinness wig in the Mae West hall at Dali’s Museum in Figuras and when Dali died, he published a book – “My particular Dali – an homage to a genius and friend.  For some great stories and photos on Llongueras and Dali – CLICK HERE

He always made me laugh.  Witness photos in this memoriam  homage collage of me with him in London, Miami, New York and photos I took of him in his Barcelona studio  with his sculptures.


Debbie Dickinson Gallery Art Exhibit – 2023

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Fresh, the Debbie Dickinson curated Art Exhibition at the Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at 150 Wooster Street in SoHo is worth a visit – May 4 to June 1, 2023.  It is a group exhibition showcasing the art of visionary working artists.   Featured, the work of  Bryan LeBoeuf, Bill Buchman, Evan Sebastian Lagache, David Richardson, Geraldo Perez, Iran Issa Khan, Anthony Haden-Guest, Tom Krantz, Prince Palace  and sculptor Jorge Vascano,

Top Left to Right : Ad for Fresh … Debbie Dickinson (@debbiedickinsongallery) … Bill Buchman’s abstract, Azure Te.
2nd  Row : Art by David Richardson whose work is about myth and how myth is the universal blueprint the helps make sense of life (@officialdavidrichardson) … Me with artist David Richardson  Photo: Fred J. DeVito … Guest Collette Lumiere (@colletelumiere) with Debbie Dickinson  … Artist Bill Buchman in front of his painting, Tango.  His abstract work presents a vibrant fusion of painting and music on canvas, and he is wearing a Robert Graham X Marvel Spider Man Embroidered Limited Edition Sport Coat   … Tango by Bill Buchman (@billbuchman)
3rd Row : Dinner plate Ditte Baum, Glass Carlo Moretti … Guest Juan Carlos Cedeno (@jccstyles81)  and his bracelets … Guest Fred J. DeVito (Street Scene/fredj.devito) wearing Tom Ford shirt and pants, Brookes Bros. seersucker sport coat,  Agnes B belt, Belgium shoes … Anthony Haden-Guest, an alert cartoonist who makes artwork that looks as strong on the wall as the page, also a writer, reporter, art critic, poet and socialite (@anthonyhadenguest) …  The musician is Avery Avanti Jax.

Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Mr. Classy. Fred J. DeVito – 2023

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Mr. Classy. Fred J. DeVito – 2023

Photo : Helen Oppenheim

Fred J. DeVito is one classy man.  Always.  Not just inside, as a human being, but he’s also a classy dresser.  Here he is at the Debbie Dickinson curated Art Exhibition at the Carl Hansen & Son Showroom event for visionary working artists – Fresh –  on May 20, 2023, see blog above.   He not only came to fetch me from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side, but he also made sure I got home, door to door, after the event before going to his home on the other side of Central Park.

He is wearing a Tom Ford shirt, Tom Ford pants, a Brooks Brothers seersucker sport coat, an Agnes B belt, Belgium shoes. To see Fred’s Street Scene Blog, CLICK HERE
Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Transatlantic on Netflix 1940 WW11 – 2023

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Transatlantic on Netflix 1940 WW11 - 2023

Photos Left and Bottom Right: Courtesy Netflix.  Top Center and Right: Helen Oppenheim

I am watching Transatlantic on Netflix, a limited series of 7 episodes based on a book based on a true story about a very brave group who helped refugees escape the Nazis in occupied France in 1940 during the early days of WW11.  When America was still neutral.  They helped artists, writers, Jewish thinkers who were on the Nazi’s “Most Wanted  List.”

Varian Fry, the American journalist who helped 2,000 escape in real life is credited for helping some famous names we all know escape to America –  Max Ernst, Thomas Mann, Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, André Breton, amongst others the group helped escape from Marseilles, where most the action  in the tv series takes place.

Mary Jayne Gold an American heiress portrayed by Gillian Jacobs, featured in photos, played an important part funding the heroic rescues.  Lucas Englander is German Jewish Refugee Albert Hirshman. Corey Michael Smith portrays Varian Fry.

The Vichy French, to their shame, and the American government, to their shame, were no help.   Transatlantic is good, could be better, but it is worth watching ….   To see the official trailer, CLICK HERE