Karl Lagerfeld @ Met Museum May 5 – 2023

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Karl Lagerfeld @ Met Museum May 5 – 2023

Photos: The Metropolitan Museum of Art., Collages:  helenoppenheim.com

The Costume Institute’s Spring Exhibition Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty opens at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday, May 5th and will be at the Tisch Galleries on Fifth Avenue, Gallery 899, until July 16, 2023.

The Exhibition features almost 200 items – sketches and garments for Chanel, Fendi and the Karl Lagerfeld brands – and for Chloé, Balmain, Patou.

Spotlighted, Lagerfeld’s “unique working methodology, focusing on the late designer’s stylistic vocabulary as it was expressed in “through lines” – aesthetic and conceptual  themes that appear time and again – in his fashions from the 1950s to his final collection in 2019.  The exhibition is made possible by Chanel, with major support by Fendi and additional funding provided by Karl Lagerfeld and Condé Nast.
All designs by Karl Lagerfeld (French, born Germany, 1933-2019)

First Collage Top L-R : Karl Lagerfeld at work  (Portrait Annie Leibovitz)…
Sketch Chanel Coat, Fall 2014  … Runway Coat, Fall 2024
2nd  Row : Rachmaninoff Sketch, Dress Chloe, Spring 1973 …
Rachmaninoff Runway, Dress Chloe, Spring 1973 … Wedding Dress, Spring 2015.
Photos: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Second Collage Top L-R: Title Gallery …  21 _ Canonical Line
2nd Row: 33 – Satirical Line … 13_ Romantic Line
Photos: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Fun Fashions, Buns, Veils @ PH5 – 2023

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Fun Fashions, Buns, Veils @ PH5 - 2023

Photos: Fred J. DeVito. Collage helenoppenheim.com

The  theme for the PH5 Presentation for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 was “This is not a Jellyfish.” The hair, by Carly Loura, Cutler/Redken. was center parted, two oblong buns, one either side of the part, which were worn outside of fishnet veiling covering the hair and the face.

The designers, Zoe Champion and Wei Lin, went “deeper underwater, into a world where plastic can be mistaken for otherworldly life forms and a place we have barely explored is being impacted by us so greatly.”  90% of the materials used in the collection were made of recycled materials. Friends and family were asked to collect plastic from their lives and the designers gave them a second life as crochet bags.  For more hair, veils inspo and the fun whimsical fashions CLICK HERE

Lead Hair: Carly Loura, Cutler Salons/Redken … Products: Redken and Cutler … Lead Makeup: Molly Marie Gansfer, New York Makeup Academy …  Fashion Stylist: Coke HO … Photos: Fred J. DeVito


Unique Evocative Hair Color – 2014

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Unique Evocative Hair Color - 2014

Photo: © Andrew O’Toole

Angelo Seminara creates unique, evocative hair color.  This is from the Soul Collection,  “hair that looks into a woman’s soul” and just one of the unusual creations from that collection by The Davines Artistic Director, designed for the British Hair Awards in 2014.  He has advice to new hairdressers out there – “Be a sponge, learn as much as you can, stay focused, have fun, find your hero.  Most of all, keep an open mind.”  For a bio and more wonders by WorldGreat, Angelo Seminara, click HERE
Hair: Angelo Seminara … Makeup: Lynsey Alexander … Photo: © Andrew O’Toole


Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – ’90s

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 Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – '90s

Photos by Unknowns

Suddenly, out of the blue, this 2015 blog got 531 Page Views on my website, so I am reposting it!   In the ’90s, Eva Salvail was a hot model, shocking everyone with her head shaved bald and a Chinese dragon tattooed on her scalp. The French-Canadian model walked the runways for top European fashion designers, first discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier. And appeared in movies, including- Pret-a-Porter (1994) … Unzipped (1995) .. The Fifth Element I1997.) In 1995 or 1996, she was modeling in a fashion show at The United Nations for which the legendary John Sahag did the hair, and I was photographed (bottom right) with Eva – who had some hair at the time. Now she is also known as DJ Evalicious, with her head shaved bald, or hair dyed pink or blonde, and you might see her in the booths of hot clubs in New York, Miami, Chicago or LA.


Bridal Look Inspired by Vintage – 2015

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Bridal Look Inspired by Vintage - 2015

Photo: Roberto LIgresti

A modern bridal look inspired by a vintage bride and some classic ’40s shapes, by Gay Dering, Beauty Kasbah.  “The hair in the back was placed into an asymmetrical pony that was then shaped into a large smooth roll,” said the hairdresser, who rolled and pinned the opposite front side to allow some loose curls to fall forward. She then added a net, and some flowers to add some extra romance.  For more wedding hair inspirations, click HERE
Hair: Gay Dering, Beauty Kasbah, Santa Rosa, CA for Modern Artist Session, 2015 … Products: Pureology Color Stylist Nourishing Nectar, Illuminating Curl and Strengthening Control Hairspray … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Styling: Rod Novoa … Photo: Roberto Ligresti


John Sahag’s Birthday, January 2 – 2017

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 John Sahag's Birthday, January 2 – 1985

Photo: © Lawrence Ivy for New York Magazine

January 2. We remember John Sahag’s birthday. The legendary John Sahag is missed. Sadly missed. There was no one like him.  His work has stood the test of time, not dated. He was tomorrow’s man, into the 21st century in the 20th. How easy it is to forget that he did this first, before anyone else. and that, and that too.

Here he is standing proudly with some of his work in a photo for a New York Magazine article on the launch of his first Workshop, late 1985. For more about John Sahag The Man, click this album 

Photo: © Lawrence Ivy


TIGI Undone Hair For Fab Libertine – 2016

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TIGI Undone Hair For Fab Libertine - 2016

Photos: © Paul Morejón

Catwalk TIGI’s US Creative Director, Thomas Osborn, created care-free undone polished hair with a touch of volume on the crown with gentle buckled waves and a side swept effect for the Libertine New York Fashion Week Spring Show for 2016. This chic cream-colored dress had abstract pink shapes here and there, worn with deconstructed tattered black hosiery, neon plastic chains dangling on shoes and bracelets, an amazing bag with Morticia and Gomez Adams, and many more jaw-dropping illustrations. Inspirations for this collection by Johnson Hartig with Maryann Malakpour included molecular cell research. More from this fab fun show, click HERE  

Hair: Thomas Osborn, Catwalk TIGI … Products: Catwalk by TIGI Blow Out Balm, Work It Hairspray … Makeup: Chantel Miller … Hosiery: Hue customized for Libertine … Shoes Jean Michel Cazabat customized for Libertine … Bag: Donald Robertson by Libertine for Bergdorf Goodman
Photos: © Paul Morejón


Colorific Men’s Sneakers Libertine – 2016

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Colorific Men's Sneakers Libertine - 2016

Photo:© Paul Morejón

Color exploded on men’s white sneakers like no others at Libertine’s New York Fashion Show for Spring 2016.   The neon plastic chains and the baubles bobbing here and there were as colorific as you can get. A shoe-in for the most eccentric footwear at the shows, the Libertine designer, Johnson Hartig with stylist Maryann Malakpour, also showed women’s shoes equally as fab. For more from this eccentric, terrific show with hair by Catwalk TIGI, click HERE
Men’s Sneakers: King Customized by Libertine … Photo:© Paul Morejón