Ancient Egyptian Art Downton Bandeau – 2016

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Egyptian Art- Downton Bandeau - 2016

Photo: PBS-TV Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey – 2016

No one does costume like BBC-TV.   No one. Anywhere. And what they do can often look very modern, very relevant today. The fashions. The hair. The hair accessories. Well, just about everything. Take Michelle Dockery wearing this ancient Egyptian art-inspired wide bandeau in the Final Series of “Downton Abbey” on PBS-TV. It just makes her and her bob look that more marvelous. The look is so striking in so many scenes of the hit series that the bandeau is hot news. Easy to copy.  Just find some similar fabric and tie it on.  The final episodes take place between 1925 and 1927 and King Tutankhamen’s tomb, discovered in 1922, influenced everything in the ’20s, from hair to fashion, furniture, jewelry and more, so there could also be a return to deco designs on everything.  For two more Downton Bandeaux, some more bandeau ideas archived from my website, and a preview of the series, scroll down …

Photo: PBD Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey


Hair Bandeau With Antique Belt Buckle – 1993

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Hair Bandeau With Antique Belt Buckle – 1993

Photo: © David Webber

A bandeau is a hot trend in 2016. See bandeaux of every kind on “Downton Abbey” foreheads this final season, which started January 3 and continues for 6 episodes on PBS-TV.  This madly romantic look with a black sheer bandeau and an antique rhinestone buckle to one side was by Kim Lepine , another winner from La Coupe’s famous Creative Evening in 1993.   You can wear a bandeau with almost any hairstyle or length. Now is the time …

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, NY/Montreal, 1993 … HairColor: Emily Kim, La Coupe, NY … Makeup: Barbara Sansone … Photo: David Webber … (Produced by Helen Oppenheim)


Four Ideas Deco Modern ’20s Hair – 1992

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 Four Ideas Deco Modern '20s Hair – 1992

Hair/Sketches: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, 1992

As Downton Abbey, the PBS-TV series starts, it is good to remember the hair and fashions in the series, now taking place in 1925, the era of Deco, Flappers and Bobs, will have influence.  In 1992,  Kim Lepine of La Coupe was inspired by the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, by Flappers and Modern Art Deco. Her  four charming sketches show soft, pretty, flattering short shapes with style, and how a short blunt bob or gamine could morph into a modern short look in 1992, still fashion today, in 2016.   The hair was flicky, flirty, close-to-the-head with romantic kiss curls on foreheads, cheeks, necks, one worn with a bandeau of black velvet,  or the bandeau could be in silver lamé, or an Art Deco Egyptian-influenced design, soon to make an appearance on Downton.

Hair/Sketches: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, NY/Montreal, 1992 …Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Happy New Year. Bottoms Up! – 1975

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Happy New Year. Bottoms Up! - 1975

Photo: © Klaus Lucka

Happy New Year.  Bottoms Up!   This straight, all-one-length classic bob, was angel curled on tiny tongs, thin, like a pencil, with the bottoms up, in 1975.  The color was a gorgeous Mandarin/Mango shade, so new then it had to be flown in to the US for the photo shoot from La Coupe in Montreal.

For more photos, including the original of this photo, some in color, and the full story (definitely worth a look – and a read)CLICK HERE

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/NY for L’Oréal, 1975 … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado, Montreal, using Lançome … Jewelry: Elsa Perretti/Tiffany’s … Model: Paula Seigman
Photo: Klaus Lucka … (Collage and Collection Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim)


Happy Happy Holidays – 1991/2015

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Happy Happy Holidays - 1991/2015

To all my Blog Friends, enjoy the holidays.    Thank you for all your support.

This is one of the stunning head wrap ideas for all hairstyles and faces, of all ages, by the fashion-forward, George Karkoulas (1954-1993) of Toronto, Canada, my friend, whose work has stood the test of time.   Here is the quilted bandeau worn with curly hair.  For more ideas by this unique talent and the original sketch, click HERE  

Hair and Illustration by George Karkoulas, 1991 for Hair & Beauty Magazine, UK
Collage by Helen Oppenheim 2015


Bob Dressed With ’30s Belt Buckle – 1993

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Bob Dressed With '30s Belt Buckle – 1993

Photo: © David Webber

A hair holiday idea – breathtakingly simple, so chic. An antique rhinestone belt buckle from the ’30s, which belonged to my Mother, decorates a simple bob. But could work with almost any hairstyle.   which ended at 2.30 am with some great hair inspiration, easy to do, easy to wear, La Coupe-style. (13 models in one evening!) The many resulting photos earned full pages in magazines all over the world.   For more holiday ideas from the evening, click HERE.

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, NY … Makeup: Barbara Sansone … Photo: David Webber. Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Joy The Movie, A Joy To Enjoy – 2015

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Joy The Movie, A Joy To Enjoy – 2015

20th Century Fox Still and Poster #Joy Movie

Saw Joy, The Movie, last night, a Private Screening at AMC Lincoln Square. Thank you BB. Jennifer Lawrence and the movie were a joy to enjoy. I wasn’t expecting to, but I sat there loving most of it, every minute. The first half, more of a comedy, was especially wonderful. The story centers around Joy Mangano, and covers four generations of her life, struggles, storms and strife and how she invented and marketed the Miracle Mop. Who knew?

The 20th Century Fox movie, directed by Silver Lining and American Hustle director, David O. Russell, opens this Christmas, and J-Law is Golden Globe-nominated.  it also stars Robert de Niro (good in this one), Bradley Cooper (being fab Bradley), Diane Ladd (great, wearing huge weird glasses), Isabella Rosselini (charming as ever but, be warned, she  wears an unflattering wig.)  Noted, Joy’s hairstyles over the years were disappointing, too influenced by today rather than yesterday, when the movie took place.  But watch for some great Dynasty and soap opera do’s, for Melissa Rivers playing her Mother, Joan, and some insights how the mop made it.  A movie to see …

Credits: Still and Poster from 20th Century Fox #JoyMovie.
Teaser Trailer, click HERE 


Innovative Re-Engineered Old School Waves – 2015

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Innovative Re-Engineered Old School Waves – 2015

Photo: © Tania Quintania

These innovative old school waves were “re-engineered” by Robert Grimes of RLG Salon in Texas. He created them with comb and fingers, working diagonally from crown to the hairline, waiting for each section to dry before going to the next section. He was a Finalist in 3 categories for The North American Hairdressing Awards in 2015 – NAHA – and won the prestige award of Hairstylist of the Year for this and (not shown) a veiled look all made of hair which took 3 weeks to get 2 square feet of usable netting, plus a braided process, which “took 10 hours of finger numbing work.”

Hair/Fashion/Styling: Robert Grimes, RLG Salon, Austin, Texeas … Products: Aveda Air Control, Pheomollient Styling Foam, Flaxseed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Gel, Confixor Liquid Gel … Makeup: Kelsey James … Photo: Tania Quintania