Joy Reid of MSNBC Hair Latest – 2021

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Joy Reid of MSNBC Hair Latest – 2021

Photos Helen Oppenheim with thanks to MSNBC

The braids are gone. Maybe just for now!   Wigs with more natural-looking curls or movements are making an appearance on Joy Reid’s head every night for her 7 pm nightly Reid Out  MSNBC Show.     You are so vocal about Joy and her nightly hair changes, here’s some more. Interested to hear which you like the best. To see the controversial braids with controversial Comments on two past blogs CLICK HERE   and CLICK HERE.



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Photos: Helen Oppenheim

A hot trend is men wearing a pearl necklace.  Sometimes on its own, sometimes with other necklaces.  (It’s  only a matter time of before pearl necklaces return for women too!) Here are two trendies seen during New York Fashion Week for SS2022.  Left: A model at the TOMBOGO Show held on The Terrace of Spring Studios.  Right: Romeo Jennings, amazing Mac makeup artist with gelled stylized waves, at the Frederick Anderson show held at 583 Park Avenue.  Stay tuned for Albums with inspirational photos from both shows on

Hair Left: Lead Linh Nguyen, Cutler Salon/Redken … Hair Right: by Romeo Jennings (Hair at the show by Edward Tricomi)
Photos: Helen Oppenheim


High Seas NetFlix Review – 2021

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I’m now watching High Seas on Netflix.   It is a somewhat soapy Spanish mystery series with a touch of Agatha Christie set aboard a luxurious ocean liner on the way to Brazil from Spain  in the 40s, after World War 11.   It is produced by Bambu who have given us “Velvet” and “Cable Girls”. Not as good as either, and not all the actors are as great as they were in those two TV series but it has the touch of Bambu, including great fashions, lots of bad guys, plot twists and tension. I just watched Episode 8, the final episode of Season 1.  It was a little melodramatic and disappointing but the series is addictive. There are 3 seasons.  Best to watch with English subtitles.   Here is an official trailer


Hair Olympiad – 1976

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As I watch the Olympic swimming events for 2021, I am reminded of the Olympic Collection I art directed and produced for La Coupe to celebrate the 1976 Olympics in 1976. The model in this photo, Elmer Olsen, wearing 8 gold medals, was channeling Mark Spitz, who won seven gold medals for swimming in the 1972 Berlin Olympics. To see more of the collection and hair, which got massive PR coverage, including in US Vogue with one of the photos, click HERE.

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/NY … Medals: Olympic Coin Jewelry …
Model: Elmer Olsen … Graphics: Georgine Strathy … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre …
Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Joy Reid of MSNBC and Her Hair – 2021

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Joy Reid of MSNBC and Her Hair – 2021

Photos Helen Oppenheim, with thanks to MSNBC

Joy Reid’s hair now, in July 2021, is back to braids and interesting, perhaps the most interesting of any tv host in America. We are treated to different provocative styles by this provocative MSNBC host and national correspondent, sometimes nightly. She has mostly got her hair act together now, having been through more than a few Oops hair moments. The wigs she wore when she started her popular prime time “Reid Out” are gone for now, I always thought another hairdresser could have made them more stylish because they seldom if ever worked. To take a look at some past concoctions on an earlier blog, CLICK HERE and tune in to see what she is up to nightly on MSNBC.
Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator graduated from Harvard University, is a two-time author and hosts “Reid Out” on MSNBC 7 pm nightly.


Pride @ Parke & Ronen – 2019

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Pride @ Parke & Ronen - 2019

Photos :Helen Oppenheim for fashiondailymag       Collage

Remembering Pride at Parke and Ronen’s Men’s Resort Presentation at the Mercedes Club in 2019 for Spring/Summer 2020, Photos for @Brigitte_Segura (see top left photo)  @fashiondailymag.  More photos and inspo archived on the website CLICK

Photos and Collage by Helen Oppenheim


Colorifics For All – 2021

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Colorifics For All - 2021

Photos: Manuel Voss  (Collage

Colorifics For All - 221

Photos: Manuel Voss. One of two  pages from  Peluquerias Magazine

“We wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve vibrant colors as well as beautiful blondes across a diverse range of ethnic hair types,” said Peter Gray about the hair he and his team produced recently, as published with two pages in the latest edition of Peluquerias Magazine. (There was another full page, not shown.)  The shapes are strong and simple, with the emphasis on a wide variety of masculine and feminine styling finishes



Photos Helen’s Blog Jan-May 2021

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Photos Helen's Blog Jan-May 2021

Full Credits On Website. Collage by

Collage of photos, hair history, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from January to May 2021.
Top Row L-R: Happy New Year Erté post … Anya Taylor Joy’s Queen’s Gambit Hair Flicks … Golden Globes Hair Fashions 2021… Flowers Printed on hair by Alexis Ferrer /Wella …
2nd Row : VeniceW NYFW Fall 2021 Tornuquet Hair and Fashion Collection … Avant Garde Hair Up To There by Damien Carney, Finalist NAHA/Pro Beauty 2021 … Avant Garde Romantic Hair by Keith Bryce, Finalist NAHA/Pro Beauty 2021 … Shaded bobs by Julie Vriesinga, Salon Entrenous, Finalist NAHA/Pro Beauty 2021 … Hair Art Comes to Life by Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty, Finalist NAHA/Pro Beauty 2021 …   3rd Row : Elizabeth Franchi MilanFW Fall 2020 … Hair as fabric by Silas Tsang, Finalist NAHA/Pro Beauty 2021 … Hair Color Stripes by Steven Robinson, Finalist NAHA Pro Beauty 2021 … Amazon opens salon in London … Bottom Row : Top ’60s model, Dorthe Holm Jensen … Oscar Hair Fashions 2021 …  To see more details, and who did what, scroll down this blog, a few pages or do a Search in box top right of blog. To see the latest Helen’s Blogs highlighting work archived on this website, CLICK HERE