A Cascade Of Curls – 2011

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A Cascade Of Curls - 2011

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

A cascade of curls, kind of ’70s gypsy, a bit Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver”, held back on one side with custom-designed hair jewelry, hair by Peter Gray for Badgley Mischka’s NY Fashion Week Show Spring Summer 2011.  More girls with curls, and how to do them, CLICK HERE

Hair: Peter Gray using Moroccanoil … Makeup: Tom Pecheux for MAC Cosmetics …Photo Helen Oppenheim


Tropical Rainforest Inspired Fashions NYFW – 2018

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Tropical Rainforest Inspired Fashions NYFW - 2018

Photos: Fred J. DeVito

A tropical rainforest inspired the colorific Greedilous “Botanica Exotica” Collection for him and her, designed by Youngee Park and presented at the New York Fashion Week Concept Korea Show for Spring 2018. The hair was by Jon Reyman and the makeup lead was Janell Geason. Stay tuned for more from this show …

Hair: Jon Reyman … Tools/Products: Olivia Garden, Dyson, Aveda … Makeup: Janell Geason, Aveda with Anne Skubis … Photos: Fred J. DeVito


Hippie Bun Top Knots, Rainbow Vibe – 2017

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Hippie Bun Top Knots, Rainbow Vibe – 2017

Photos: Roberto Ligresti

From Vivienne Mackinders “Boho Rock” Collection, a fusion of Bohemian and rock ‘N’ roll, these bun top knots display the relaxation of the hippie with an edgy rainbow vibe, in dusty tones of orange, green blue and red , all held together with a chopstick and colored chignon pins. For a styling and color step by step and more by WorldGreat Vivienne Mackinder over the years, CLICK HERE:

Hair: Vivenne Mackinder, Hair DesignerTV.com with Gay Dering and Bridget Chiariello  … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Styling: Montgomery Frazier … Photo: Roberto Ligresti



Bombshell Hair Glam – 2017

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Bombshell Hair Glam - 2017

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

This Bombshell Hair is pure glam as it rises up to there on top, has soft face framing movements on either side of mid-parted hair framing the face, and curled lengths softly rolled to one side. The ’50s/’60s-inspired super sexy stunner is by Jen Dozier Horter, owner of Bombshell Salon, and was one of the great styles she created for Modern’s Artist Session earlier in 2017.

Hair: Jen Dozier Horter, Bombshell Salon for Modern’s Artist Session … Pro ducts: Paul Mitchell … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Styling: Rod Novoa … Photo: Roberto Ligresti


Peluquerias Cover Blue Wig – Early 80s

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Peluquerias Cover Blue Wig - Early 80s

Photo: Deborah Samuel

Peluquerias cover early 80s with hair by Gabriel Saba, Color by Susie Wong, both of Suga Salon, NYC.  Suga closed, but Gabriel has been with the John Sahag Workshop  for years.  The fashion blue wig was way before its time, also the straight hair.  This look has stood the test of time.  Anecdote.  I had asked Peluquerias about facial requirements for a  cover about this time. One of the things they said was something like the eyes should be lively, with  expression – and the very next month they put this photo on the cover – with no eyes  showing at all!  For more Peluquerias covers, from 1980, CLICK HERE

Hair: Gabriel Saba, Suga Salon New York … Hair Color: Susie Wong …  Makeup; Bill Kaye … Photo: Deborah Samuel


Bald & Beautiful for 1 Night – 1983

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 Bald & Beautiful for 1 Night - 1983

Photo: Peter Brandt

This “Viking Queen” was made bald and beautiful for one night created by the amazing Jerry Mylnchuck, who at the time, 1983, was obsessed with making beautiful girls bald. through makeup.   And he did it so well, taking some 15 hours to create this dramatic look to which he added a magnificent metallic headpiece sculpture designed by Andrew Hartfield. He used some of the model’s own hair on top of the head. The Viking Age was from about 790 to 1066  in European history  and came from Scandinavia, mostly Norway – their headdresses inspired Jerry Mylnchuck for this modern bald version.

Makeup and Hair: Jerry Mylnchuck … Headpiece Sculpture: Andrew Hartfield … Photo: Peter Brandt


Jerry Mylnchuck’s Bald Head Fantasies – 1983

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Jerry Mylnchuck's Bald Head Fantasies – 1983

Photos: Peter Brandt

Introducing the extraordinary work of Jerry Mylnchuck, makeup and hair artist like no other. He was obsessed making beautiful girls bald for one night through the use of makeup.   In 1983, we photographed these bald head fantasies with foil headdress and fashions designed by Jerry, exclusively for Peluquerias Magazine.   You can see Jerry at work bottom left applying lipstick and Peter Brandt, the photographer, in action center bottom with Jerry in the background. The photos bottom right show the antics while removing the bald formula after the shoot.

Hair and Makeup: Jerry Mylnchuck … Foil Headdress and Fashions: Jerry Mylnchuck … Model: Leslie Henderson … Photos: Peter Brandt


24″ Hair Extensions @ Linder NYFW – 2018

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24" Hair Extensions @ Linder NYFW - 2018

Photo: Paul Morejón

For the Linder New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2018, Peter Gray  worked with 24″-26″ long hair extensions blown dry for a shiny, smooth, straight mid-parted hair look on all the girls. When you see a celeb with long long hair, it is nearly always hair extensions, not their own hair. Some celebs who wear long extensions are Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez to name a few.   These HairDreams extensions are clipped in, with a fashion finish, but extensions can also be more permanent and sewn or bonded in.  The make up here featured black lips, by Dick Page.

Hair: Peter Gray, Cutler/Redken … Product: Redken All Soft Argan Oil … Extensions: Hairdreams … Makeup: Dick Page … Photo: Paul Morejón