Pearls Circle Neck of Bride NYFBW – 2018

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Pearls Circle Neck of Bride NYFBW - 2018

Photo (Detail): Helen Oppenheim

The details on this gorgeous bridal gown include pearls circling the neck and one arm, ending in a bracelet of pearls on one wrist.  This is a gown called “Bryant” by Ines Di Santo for her New York Bridal Week Fall 2018 show. Stay tuned for the full dress,  a strapless A-line gown with lace appliqué, and the beautiful bouffant hair with pearls  by Peter Gray at his best. Coming soon …

Makeup: Tia Hebron for Bobbi Brown  …  Photo (Detail): Helen Oppenheim


John Sahag Hair Inspired By NY Skyline – 1996

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John Sahag Hair Inspired By NY Skyline – 1996

Photos 1-2: Roland Levin … Photos 3 – 7: Helen Oppenheim. Collage

Hair History. 1996. The legendary John Sahag was inspired by the New York skyline for this haircut and color on the world-famous model Siberian-born Irina Pantaeva.   Sahag described the hair color by Dario Arias as “unnatural-looking, with unusual unexpected frankly fake sheer sparking tones of bright reds, burgundy and purple, coppers and browns all woven in to alter her base color, which was black.  For every day, the distinctive abstract colors and shapes could be hidden. For more of the 14 photos archived in this album CLICK HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NY, 1996 … Color: Dario Arias … Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa von Weiss … Fashions: Elisa Jimenez … Model : Irina Pantaeva/Ford
Photos 1-2: Roland Levin … Photos 3-7: Helen Oppenheim


Chic To Cheek Dancing Hair – 1986

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Chic To Cheek Dancing Hair - 1986

Photos: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas. Collage

Reposted, favorites from The Website Like No Other.  Chic to Cheek, Dancing Hair by Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, inspired by Ginger Rogers in the 1935 movie, Top Hat. For more Dancing Hair, a how-to plus a clip from the romantic movie,  CLICK HERE

Hair: Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, 1986 … Makeup: Honey Twigg … Fashion Styling: Aleta Joy Wolfe … Fashions: Jackie Rogers (blonde) and Oscar de la Renta (brunette) … Models: Carol Dlugos (brunette) and Marilyn Coe (blonde) … Photos: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas


Vidal Sassoon Soft Cubism Hair – 1979

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Vidal Sassoon Soft Cubism Hair - 1979

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

Hair History.  Vidal Sassoon’s Soft Cubism-inspired haircut by Graham Wren had no hard edges, all corners and points were rounded and soft.  The looks were inspired by the graphics of cubism, constructivism, modernism, futurism – and the circle, the square, the triangle. All versions here are on the same model, the lovely Susie Kozak.   For more Vidal Sassoon Soft Cubism hair for day and night, CLICK HERE

Hair: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1979 … Graphics: Avram … Makeup: Ted Nadal … Model: Susie Kozak … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre


Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

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 Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

Photos: Serge Beauchemin

Hair History,  In 1974, the Art Deco Collection put La Coupe Salons on the map all over the world. Almost overnight. The most successful collection La Coupe probably ever did included not just the Deco Cuts and Styles but also a colorific “Shine-On” highlighting color idea which made almost every major magazine in New York, including a full page in Harper’s Bazaar. The Deco Cut here, by Charles Booth, featured cut- in waves with many angles, very accentuated, all fitting in, with the front the same length on one side, 1/4″ on the other and a very square back. For 23 photos with more versions and more Deco styles CLICK HERE

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe Montreal/NY … Makeup : Electa, Electa & Corrado … Long Black Leather Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Dress: Anne Klein … Deco T: Tania Vartan for Ruby-T … Model: Danielle … Mirror Graphic: Eric Neil Weiss … Photos: Serge Beauchemin.


Modern Abstract ’20s-Inspired Wigs -2011

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Modern Abstract '20s-Inspired Wigs -2011

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

Dramatic black wig by Edward Tricomi with cut-in waves at Douglas Hannant’s Deco-inspired glamorous New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2011. The Warren-Tricomi well-trained staff had a great time each cutting their own versions of the look and they all worked!  Accolades to  good salon education in the hands of Edward “Scissorhands” Tricomi, who is now offering Education Workshops at the Plaza Salon location.  For 27 photos from this show with a detailed visual how-to on preparing to wear a wig on long thick hair, CLICK HERE

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons, NYC … Makeup: Romero Jennings for MAC Cosmetics … Model: Unknown … Backstage Photos: Helen Oppenheim


The Quiff Hair History – 1972-2011

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The Quiff Hair History - 1972-2011

Photos:Karl Stoecker,Lorraine Sylvestre/Serge Beauchemin,Helen Oppenheim

Hair History. You can be inspired by the past. Without even knowing it.  The Vidal Sassoon connection to the quiff from 1972-2011 in all four hairstyles here is interesting. I art directed and produced two of these photos (top right/bottom left) and didn’t realize the connection until recently.  It all started in 1972 with Christopher Brooker at Vidal Sassoon London in the UK (top left).  Charles Booth of La Coupe, trained by Vidal Sassoon in the UK and, at 19 years old, came to New York as one of the young stylists for Sassoon’s first Salon, on Madison Avenue.   In 1974, he created the hair in the photo (bottom right) for his La Coupe Salons.  In 1979 , Graham Wren of Vidal Sassoon in New York created a softer Sassoon  version in the photo  top right.   Edward Tricomi, was Pipino-Buccheri, who were trained by Vidal Sassoon, created his abstract version on a wig at a New York Fashion Week Show in 2011 (bottom right.)  I think all created their looks not connecting the dots.  More archived on Facebook’s Old School Sassoon and more versions on my website
Top Left The Quiff 1972: Christopher Brooker, Vidal Sassoon UK … Model: Lauraine Scrigmaglia
Photo: Karl Stoecker

Bottom Left Art Deco 1974:  Charles Booth, La Coupe, Montreal/NY, 1974  … Model: Danielle
Photo: Serge Beauchemin
Top Right Soft Cubism 1979: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon, US … Model: Suzie Kozak
Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Bottom Right Abstract 2011: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi, NY, 2011 … Model: Unknown
Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Louise Brooks With Her Lulu Bob – 1929

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Louise Brooks With Her Lulu Bob - 1929

From “Diary of a Lost Girl” 1929 Pabst Movie

Know your hair history.  This is Louise Brooks drinking champagne in the whorehouse in “Diary of a Lost Girl” a 1929 silent film directed by Pabst in Germany.  She was the first to make the bob famous, way back in the early 20s, way before anyone else.  The look was her trademark, a look she wore in every movie she made.  It will never date.   To see more on this and more hair on Old Hollywood Icons, CLICK HERE