Verity Before Her Mullet Haircut – 2020

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Verity Before Her Mullet Haircut – 2020

Photos: Verity  Pascarl … Collage by

This is 19 year old Verity Pascarl with her red and purple hair which she has been cutting and coloring herself since the lockdown .  On August 31, she is going to get a Modern Mullet haircut to help raise money for a cause close to her heart –  The Black Dog Institute Mullets for Mental Health.   “Please don’t kill me Mum,” she posted when she announced what she will be up to on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Because they are in lockdown again In Melbourne, her boyfriend, Tom, a Science Major with an emphasis on psychology at The University of Melbourne will cut her hair!  Verity is a Film Student at the elite Melbourne University Victoria College of Art.   I have sent her Modern Mullet photo suggestions as in the next blog, plus a few how-to videos for Tom to study. Stay tuned for the result …


Rare Photo, Avedon, Sahag, Brooke – 1988

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Rare Photo, Avedon, Sahag, Brooke - 1988

Photo: © Richard Avedon

Rare Richard Avedon photo of Brooke Shields with curly hair, by John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1988. No idea if this an Avedon collage or if someone unknown did it with three photos. I have a feeling it is a collage by Avedon, but I am not sure. For more of the lovely Brooke Shields, clck HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1988 … Model: Brooke Shields … Photo: © Richard Avedon


Stylish Art Deco Wedding – ’30s

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Stylish Art Deco Wedding - '30s

Photo: Boris

June 3rd. My parents wedding anniversary. They are long gone, and sadly missed, now more than ever. I always remember the date and how they told me “Always” was played on their wedding day. And it was. Always that is. Love this wedding photo taken in London.  Everything is so stylish.  Love my Mother’s dress, silver lamé (which she made herself), my Father looking so debonair, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the art deco background. For more of my parents wedding photos click HERE  
Photo: Boris


Vivienne Mackinder’s Formal Bridal Hair – 2011

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 Vivienne Mackinder's Formal Bridal Hair - 2011

Photo: Ernesto J. Mendoza

This is Vivienne Mackinder’s Imperial Bridal hair, formal, with barrel curls and a tiara added for the most important day of her life.  Mackinder, who was Fashion Director  of Intercoiffure America/Canada at the time she created this look in 2011, advised all brides: “The hairstyle for your wedding day must fit the bride from the inside out, you should not only be seen as a fashion statement but also as  an individual.”  For More brides by this WorldGreat, and more wedding hair ideas, click HERE

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder, HairDesignerTV for Intercoiffure America/Canada 2011 … Makeup: J. Patrick … Fashion Styling: Montgomery Frazier … Bridal Gown: Demetrios … Tiara: Edward Berger … Earrings: Supplements … Photo: Ernesto J. Mendoza


New Album @ The Met – 2017

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Photo: © Paolo Roversi: Courtesy The Metrooilitan Museum of Art

Just started, a new album on the Costume Institute’s Spring 2017 Rei Kawakakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of The In-Between Exhibition to open at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4. Stay tuned for my photos, heads and wigs by the one and only Julien D’Ys. Meanwhile, to see some of the thought-provoking inspirational fashions there now, click HERE

Cubisme. Spring/Summer 2007. Courtesy of Comme des Garçons. Photo: © Paolo Roversi: Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art


“Slightly Punky” French Twist MFW- 2017

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"Slightly Punky" French Twist MFW- 2017

Photo: Courtesy Redken

Love this “slightly punky” French Twist by Guido of Redken for Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2017 Milan Fashion Week Show.  The front, not shown, was a modern take on the 1940s – with a roll  – but the back of the French Twist is something else, with some pieces sticking out, just so, casual but not messy!  After making the French Twist, just “pull out a few pieces using fingers, allowing them to hang loosely for a soft, romantic feel,” advises Guido, who did the hair for most of the important fashion designer shows for Fall.  Full steps on – click HERE 

Hair: Guido, Redken, Global Creative Director … Products: Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam, Windblown 05 … Photo: Courtesy: Redken


Photos on Helen’s Blog – Oct 11-Nov 18, 2015

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Photos on Helen's Blog – Oct 11-Nov 18, 2015

Collage by

Check out photos on Helen’s Blog from October 11 to November 18, 2015. Hair History is here. Inspiration from yesterday and today, for tomorrow. See photos from the ’60s to the present, plus much more. Other versions, how-to’s, full credits are on the website. To see Collages of All Photos on Helen’s Blog from the beginning click HERE


Photos on Helen’s Blog – Aug 5-Oct 10, 2015

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Photos on Helen's Blog – Aug 5-Oct 10, 2015

Collage by

Here are photos on Helen’s Blog from August 5 to October 10 2015. Blogs like this date back to July 2013 and there’s plenty to love with all photos and ideas from the past and the present to inspire now and for the future. Hair history is highlighted on these blogs and there’s much more on the actual website.  To see full credits, many how-to’s and other versions from Collections and Shows, check the website. To see all the blogs, click HERE