Dreads Piled Up On Hunky Man NAHA – 2017

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Dreads Piled Up On Hunky Man NAHA 2017

Photo: Richard Monsieurs/Courtesy PBA/NAHA

These blonde dreads with some piled high on top of the head are by Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studios in NYC and are one look from his Collection of sexy hunks Nominated in the Men’s Hairstyling category for the North American Hairstyling Awards ((NAHA) 2017. Are the dreads inspired by Warriors, Tarzan, Game of Thrones? Whatever, the great dreads on nipple-pierced International Model, Alexander Masson, must have taken a few years to grow are best done on thick hair, and on a man who is groomed, the beard too. Carver has just opened a second AC Studio on West Broadway and is a Global Creative Director for L’Anza. Healing Haircare. This photo is from a full page in the July 2017 issue of Peluquerias Magazine, published in Barcelona, Spain.

Hair: Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studios, NYC … Makeup: Deney Adam … Fashion Stylist: Jennifer Daniel … Model: Alexander Masson … Photo: Richard Monsieurs/Courtesy PBA/NAHA