Vidal Sassoon’s $Million Jeans Launch – 1980

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Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

33 years after this photo was taken at the 1980 Canadian Launch of the Vidal Sassoon Jeans along with their Hair Care product line in Canada, Peter Niedan, the security guard in the photo, made a Comment under this photo on the website.  “Egads, he said, “that was me so many years ago!”  And he has given me all kinds of info I have posted under this photo on the website on what went on behind the scenes.

Amazing. I didn’t actually hire him myself but he was my idea, after 2 weeks of sleepless nights as PR and Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada, and the person in charge of the PR for the launches, I had this brilliant idea of having the Vidal Sassoon logo spelled out in diamonds, by DeBeers, for the Million $ Dollar Jeans.  I had a security guards hired, with guns, for protection – one for the Toronto launch, as here, and one for the Montreal launch.  For more on the $Million Jeans and the Canadian Launch, click:

Hair: Helen Chudoba, Vidal Sassoon, Toronto, 1981 … Model: Paula Turnbull. … Security Guard: Peter Niedan … Photographer: Unknown.