Amazon To Open A Beauty Salon – 2021

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Amazon To Open A Beauty Salon - 2021

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The hair world is buzzing. Amazon is opening a beauty salon in London. Surely, it will be the first of many. And it’s possible the hair world may be in for a big jolt, and change. If Amazon gets it right, as few not in the biz do.    Salons are, after all, well, um, quirky, the staff and how they operate is unlike in any other business, and conventional business people have to adapt or else … But, then, Jeff Bezos is not exactly conventional The two story tech savvy for now experimental salon will be open 7 days a week, with pads at every station to order whatever from  It will feature augmented reality technology so customers will be able to experiment with virtual hair colors, check out the latest industry products, cutting edge technology and whatever else Amazon will innovate.  The two story building is in Spitalfields in London’s East End, styling services will be provided by Elena Lavagni, who owns the Neville Hair and Beauty Salon in London.   I am a big Amazon fan and wish them all the best.