Jerrod Carmichael @ Golden Globes 2023

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Jerrod Carmichael @ Golden Globes 2023

Photo: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to NBC-TV. Collage:


Jerrod Carmichael, the host at the Golden Globes 2023, showed men how you can dress for a gala if you don’t wear a classic tuxedo and still look cool and classy.  No host for an award event that I remember has dressed with such fashion flair.  Or changed so many times.  Six changes, each memorable.   He was a great host (“I’m only here because I am black,” he said about hosting the Globes who  have had issues with race In the past)

He wore a pink satin blazer and salmon pants, then changed into an Atelier Gillian white suit and semi-sheer turtleneck (top far right), with a pearl necklace.  In other outfits, he wore dark suits with interesting jewelry.    The beaded Bode vest  (top center) with a white shirt was a knock-out.   Chloe Flower, the Korean-American pianist, composer, activist also wore some cool outfits, and these statement earrings.