New Sahag Album, Hair Supermodels – 70s/ 80s

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 New Sahag Album, Hair Supermodels – 70s/ 80s

Photo: © Hans Feurer

Yet another new John Sahag album, just up. This one features mostly supermodels or superstars in editorials, mainly from the 70s and 80s. And most are covers and pages from all the Vogues, which was not planned, but time has revealed, with the help of Lori Bermani who worked from the heart to help research this great album, that Sahag did a lot of interesting hair for the Vogues.

From a hair history perspective, it is important to remember how much of tomorrow’s man John Sahag was. When we look at most of the work in this album today, it looks so now, but it was very new way back then and has stood the test of time. As can be seen with this Vogue Italia cover from 1984. The hair could be today.  For more great inspirational work by the legendary John Sahag in this album, click here: 

Hair: John Sahag … Model: Stella Goodall … Photo: © Hans Feurer