Sahag Hair Ready for Fashion Shows – 1996+97

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Sahag Hair Ready for Fashion Shows - 1996+97

Photos Top Row: © Helen Oppenheim. Bottom Row: © David Webber

Hair history is here. Check out the hair ready for Fashion Shows by John Sahag, his dedicated Workshop Teams, and all the hair staff, who worked day and night (often way past midnight) weekends and their days off to make it all happen. “Haute coiffure” hand-sewn 100% human hair pieces by the hundreds, Sahag-style. The hairpieces were spread out all over the place – on trestle tables, radiators, and the floor of the Workshop for days, even when the salon was busy with clients. This is why Sahag called his salon a Workshop.
Top Row: Hairpieces in color way before their time for high fashion shows. These were some of hundreds made for the Gen Art “Fresh Faces” Fall 1997 New York Fashion Week Show. To see models wearing the pieces from this “tour de force” show, click HERE
Bottom Row: Some of the 157 human hair pieces in 30-40 different textures created for 33 models at the Issey Miyake Spring 1996 Paris Fashion Week Show. To see the models wearing the “modern, young, playful, abstract hairstyles” click HERE

Photos Top Row: © Helen Oppenheim.   Bottom Row: © David Webber


Body Painting by Linda Mason – 1996

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Body Painting by Linda Mason - 1996

Photo: David Webber

Beautiful body painting and makeup by Linda Mason, makeup artist extraordinaire, about 1996.  This was way before makeup artists were painting bodies. The mid-parted hair, going this way and that, was by Cynthia Varon for the John Sahag Workshop, who is now back at the Workshop after many moons.  Flemenco feel from one of my articles in Spain’s Peluquerias Magazine .   For more Linda Mason masterpieces, click HERE and check out her website now, The Art of Beauty, Linda Mason Elements,

Hair: Cynthia Varon for John Sahag Workshop, 1996 … Photo: David Webber


Tiara On Toilet Seat – 1996

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Tiara On Toilet Seat - 1996

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Tiaras are everywhere. On the heads of models in the Spring 2016 Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign, Bergdorf Goodman has displays of many in their 5th floor jewelry department, fashionistas have been wearing them for some time. Which brings to mind a John Sahag Wild Night Creative Evening one Wednesday in, I think, 1996. Here is the lovely Devorah, a colorist at the Workshop wearing a Tiara, and I photographed her sitting on a toilet seat. (I have the full length somewhere, but can’t find it, for now.)  Her hair, very new-looking then, was by Mayumi Honda. And we thought we were so cool. We were. And now too. For more on the John Sahag Wild Nights, click HERE

Hair: Mayumi Honda, John Sahag Workshop, 1996 … Model: Devorah … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Chic Vampire- 1995

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Chic Vampire - 1995

Photo: © David Webber. Collage by

Chic vampire hair idea presented at a John Sahag Creative Evening in 1995, by Art Director Mark Schwartz who designed the beautifully crafted Styx himself for this Morticia vampire horror look with beauty on Brigitte Callister. For more on the inspirational and very special Creative Evening, which finished at 3.30 am, click HERE

Hair: Mark Schwartz, John Sahag Workhop … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Brigitte Callister … Photo: © David Webber (Collage by


Sahag Tribute Canadian Hairdresser – 2015

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Sahag Tribute Canadian Hairdresser – 2015

Canadian Hairdresser International – July 2015

Thank you Joan Harrison for the lovely 2 page Tribute for John Sahag in the July 2015 issue of Canadian Hairdresser International. I know you remember John fondly and it is great to see some of his most famous looks in your very interesting magazine.  To READ the Tribute, and to see full credits click HERE   For the great cover and the whole magazine online  click HERE 



John Sahag 10-Year Tribute – 2015

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John Sahag 10-Year Tribute

Gwyneth Paltrow 1996/1997, Hair by John Sahag, John Sahag Worksshop

My 10-Year Tribute to John Sahag (1952 – 2005) is now up on Modern Salon. The legendary John Sahag, who passed away too soon on June 15, 2005 is sadly missed and loved by many. To see some of his best, most inspirational work and read more about him, including some things not known, click HERE

Gwyneth Paltrow, 1996/1997.   All hair by John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop.
(Collage by Helen Oppenheim. Photos researched by Lori Bermani)
Top Left: Photo: Patrick Demarchelier. … Top Center: Photo: Unknown …
Top Right: Photo: harper’
Bottom Left: Photo: Wenn/Sidewalk … Bottom Center: Bing Images …
Bottom Right: Photo: In Style Magazine
For full credits click link above.


John Sahag And I @ Fashion Show Briefing – 1996

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John Sahag And I @ Fashion Show Briefing - 1996

Photo: © David Webber

John Sahag and I taking notes, with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and her assistant at the briefing for her Fall 1996 New York Fashion Week Show.

He was very organized when it came to Fashion Shows. Everything to do with the hair was meticulously planned, he sometimes did sketches, and he did a preparation model for the fashion designer to approve before the Workshop team starting working seriously on any fashion show, wherever it was. He always used 100% human hair pieces which were spread out on the Workshop floor, even when clients were there. The reason the salon was called a Workshop, because it was. For show photos, click HERE

Photo: © David Webber


Windswept Hair @ Issey Miyake – 1997

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Windswept Hair @ Issey Miyake – 1997

Photo: © Eric Deniset, Paris

The legendary John Sahag, on his brilliant windswept hair for Issey Miyake’s Fall 1997 Fashion show in Paris, said: “There were no curls, no bends, no waves. It was all straight, like the wind was blowing the hair into the shapes on each head, naturally.” If ever an album is a must-read, it is this one. Make sure to read Sahag’s words under every photo. Be ready to be amazed, lovers of the amazing, click here: 

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NYC … Photo: Eric Deniset, Paris