Joy The Movie, A Joy To Enjoy – 2015

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Joy The Movie, A Joy To Enjoy – 2015

20th Century Fox Still and Poster #Joy Movie

Saw Joy, The Movie, last night, a Private Screening at AMC Lincoln Square. Thank you BB. Jennifer Lawrence and the movie were a joy to enjoy. I wasn’t expecting to, but I sat there loving most of it, every minute. The first half, more of a comedy, was especially wonderful. The story centers around Joy Mangano, and covers four generations of her life, struggles, storms and strife and how she invented and marketed the Miracle Mop. Who knew?

The 20th Century Fox movie, directed by Silver Lining and American Hustle director, David O. Russell, opens this Christmas, and J-Law is Golden Globe-nominated.  it also stars Robert de Niro (good in this one), Bradley Cooper (being fab Bradley), Diane Ladd (great, wearing huge weird glasses), Isabella Rosselini (charming as ever but, be warned, she  wears an unflattering wig.)  Noted, Joy’s hairstyles over the years were disappointing, too influenced by today rather than yesterday, when the movie took place.  But watch for some great Dynasty and soap opera do’s, for Melissa Rivers playing her Mother, Joan, and some insights how the mop made it.  A movie to see …

Credits: Still and Poster from 20th Century Fox #JoyMovie.
Teaser Trailer, click HERE