Kelly Osbourne Hair Wows NYFW – 2017

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Kelly Osbourne Hair Wows NYFW – 2017

Photos & Collage by Helen Oppenheim

Seen on Scene 1. Wow! Take a look at Kelly Osbourne and her lilac hair backsgtage at the Francesca Liberatore New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2017 yesterday.  She is seen here with the designer, Francesca Liberatore, top left, and with a happy PR Kelly Cutrone, People’s Revolution, top right.   One side of the lilac hair extragavanza is shaved with the word “stories” tattooed above the ear, the ‘v’ back is outlined in her natural dark hair color, longer hair falls sexily to one side flowing from a top knot.   You have to give it to the girl. She is fearless and wonderful.

Photos and Collage by Helen Oppenheim