Kiss Curl Extravanganzas – 1990s/1966

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Kiss Curl Extravanganzas - 1990s/1966

Photo Left: Gary Lyons … Right: Archivo Llongueras

Hair history is here with these Kiss Curl extravaganzas. And what fun they both are. On the left, the hair was by Jeanne Braa for Paul Mitchelll, as in one of my Peluquerias columns, early 90s. On the right, the supermodel icon Veruschka with kiss curls created in 1966 by Lluis Llongueras, as in his book “Ellas” published in Barcelona, 2015.

Hair Left; Jeanne Braa, Paul Mitchell, 90s … Photo: Gary Lyons
Hair Right: Lluis Longueras, Llongueras, Barcelona … Archivo Llongueras