Hair With Zig-Zags “Zisps” “Ziggles” – 1977

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Hair With Zig-Zags "Zisps" "Ziggles" - 1977

Photos: © Larry Nichols

Something different. Be inspired by a retro look, for today. Comb in a zig-zag part on your hair. Easy to do with so many hairstyles today. You might want to add a few flirty zisps (wisps) on the forehead, and if you want a “new” shape, let the hair ondulate in “ziggles” throughout, as in this style by Jerome Pinsonneault for La Coupe Toronto, created in 1977. The nape was shorter, the sides longer and the last 4″ of length was layered to achieve a round edge. For more zig-zags, a how-to,  click HERE  

Hair: Jerome Pinsonneault, La Coupe Toronto, 1977 … Makeup: Tuvia (aka Ted Nadel) … Model: Sandra Rilmand … Background: Earth Eclipse from Apollo 12 Moon Flight/McLaughlin Planetarium Toronto … Photo: Larry Nichols … Fashion Styling/Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim