Profile on Helen Oppenheim in Launchpad – 2013

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Helen Oppenheim Profile in Launchpad - 2O13

Launchpad June 2013

Launchpad Conversations Profile on Helen Oppenheim, title Past Perfect. Some of the firsts.   Full page, 5 photos (4 La Coupe, 1 Raphael) on website.  And top photo on Index page.  Thank you Marianne Dougherty and Launchpad.  Top photo, 60s hair, first layered look, by Charles Booth, La Coupe …2nd photo: 70s hair, first waved bob by Kim Lepine … 3rd photo: 70s hair, Détente with first decorated wave clips, by Kim Lepine … 4th photo: 70s hair, first French braiding by Antonio da Costa Rocha … bottom photo: 70s hair, Femme Fatale, first flips at front by Raphael  – go to HairThen on for more on the hair and see Launchpad to read more on me!

Profile on Helen Oppenheim in Launchpad – 2013


The Great Gatsby – 1993

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La Coupe Creative Evening 1993 - 20s Gatsby Modern

Photos by David Webber

Intercoiffure USA and Canada have their annual hair event at the Waldorf Astoria in New York this weekend, October 14/15.  “Gatsby” is a big theme, knowing the Baz Lurhmann’s movie on Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved book “The Great Gatsby” will have a hair fashion impact when it is finally released in 2013, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. The Gatsby fad started some time ago, but expect it continue and gain momentum way into 2013.   Photographers weren’t allowed backstage, so I can’t show you any photos by me, but watch out for them in Creative Age’s Launchpad Magazine.

Meanwhile, here’s some of the great hair and photos from La Coupe’s Creative Evening in 1993. The theme was 20s hair, Gatsby, flappers, barrettes, modern and wearable.  The vintage barrettes in Photos 1, 3 and 4 are my vintage belt buckles.  For more hair from the 1993 event and full credits go to HairThen < La Coupe < 90s on this website,