Wild Hair on Website – 1983-2012

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Fun Photo on Website - 1983-2012

Photo: Miguel Reveriego, Eddie Collins, Archivo LLongueras, Lance Staedler, Helen Oppenheim

There’s some wild and wonderful hair archived on this website. over 5,000 photos and many are not to be missed.  Time to explore.  Here are just some of the photos to inspire you.  1.  Peter Gray’s 2012 fantasy for L’Oréal Professional, in a WorldGreats album …. 2. Ezel’s  2012 black wig over blonde hair, also in a WorldGreats album … Salvador Dali, and his famous mustache, and  how it stayed up, also his hair in rollers and Lluis Llongueras doing his hair, as he did for 30 years, in an Icons album … Linda Mason’s impressionistic face art, hair Dwight Miller for Zotos, 1983, in a ThisThat album/The Mix … The pink wig by Julien D’Ys is from the Anglo Mania exhibition at the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006, in a Museum  album.

Photos: 1. Miguel Reveriego … 2.  Eddie Collins … 3. Archivo Llongueras … 4.  Lance Staedler … 5. Helen Oppenheim


Body Painting by Linda Mason – 1996

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Body Painting by Linda Mason - 1996

Photo: David Webber

Beautiful body painting and makeup by Linda Mason, makeup artist extraordinaire, about 1996.  This was way before makeup artists were painting bodies. The mid-parted hair, going this way and that, was by Cynthia Varon for the John Sahag Workshop, who is now back at the Workshop after many moons.  Flemenco feel from one of my articles in Spain’s Peluquerias Magazine .   For more Linda Mason masterpieces, click HERE and check out her website now, The Art of Beauty, Linda Mason Elements, lindamason.com

Hair: Cynthia Varon for John Sahag Workshop, 1996 … Photo: David Webber


Chic Vampire- 1995

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Chic Vampire - 1995

Photo: © David Webber. Collage by helenoppenheim.com

Chic vampire hair idea presented at a John Sahag Creative Evening in 1995, by Art Director Mark Schwartz who designed the beautifully crafted Styx himself for this Morticia vampire horror look with beauty on Brigitte Callister. For more on the inspirational and very special Creative Evening, which finished at 3.30 am, click HERE

Hair: Mark Schwartz, John Sahag Workhop … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Brigitte Callister … Photo: © David Webber (Collage by helenoppenheim.com)


Linda Mason Makeup Artist Extraordinaire – 1992

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Linda Mason Makeup Artist Extraordinaire - 1992

These masterpiece illustrations, using actual makeup from Linda Mason Elements in 1992, two of my favorites, got a full page in Peluquerias Magazine, as do almost all of the Linda Masons I sent to the Spanish magazine. They love her art.   I often wonder why I don’t get more illustrations/sketches/art for makeup and hair.  To see more by Linda Mason, makeup artist extraordinaire, click HERE


Linda Mason Makeup Artist Extraordinaire – ’90s

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Linda Mason, Makeup Artist Extraordinaire – '90s

Photo: © Paul Sunday

Colorific cool body makeup which extended to the hair by Linda Mason, makeup artist extraordinaire, about 1996. This was way before hair colors like this took off. For more of her work on my website, click HERE    To see what she is up to now click HERE

Body/Hair Painting: Linda Mason … Photo: Paul Sunday


Deconstructed Hair, Impressionist Face – 1983

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Early Deconstructed Hair, Impressionist Makeup – 1983

Photo: © Lance Staedler

Deconstructed hair, so new-looking in 1983,  a bob, rising back off the face, by Dwight Miller with Luis Alvarez, for Zotos with Linda Mason’s impressionist art face, created for fun only, in about one minute at the end of the shoot. Collection shown with deconstructed fashions.    For more info on hair and makeup photos, click, scroll along

Hair: Dwight Miller, Luis Alvarez, Zotos International, 1983 … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Danielle Carbonneau …Photo: Lance Staedler … Produced by Helen Oppenheim


John Sahag Sideburns – 1985

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John Sahag Sideburns - 1985

Photos: Bruno Juminer

This Collection, created for the John Sahag Workshop Launch in 1985,  was all about the sideburn – double and even triple sideburn effects.

“I find sideburns are a wonderful detail,” said the legendary hair icon, “they have their own charm and beauty to accentuate a cheekbone and define a look.”   This was the beginning of long hair coming back in fashion.  “People want to see a change and life is about change,” Sahag said, “feelings and sensitivity are always in motion, and so it should be with hair.”

There’s more sideburn styles, must-see amazing how-to’s and wonderful words  to read in this iconic album.  Go to HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NY … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Constance Chapman … Photo: Bruno Juminer.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim


John Sahag, Creative Evening – 1995

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John Sahag, Creative Evening - 1995

Photo: David Webber

21st Century Big Frizz, by John Sahag at a John Sahag Workshop Creative Evening –  in 1995.

John Sahag frizzed beyond frizz for “full-out texture” setting the hair with yards and yards of cut-up, flexible old electric wires – and he finished by adding the fauna off his seasonal decor here and there.  Sahag noted: “I always keep in mind what the final result will be.  For more , how to do this, another great Beyond Frizz short style, and more inspirational ideas from this extraordinary 1995 Creative Evening, go to HairThen, John Sahag, Sahag More, Creative Evening on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop …Radiant Red Color: Thomas Bracconeri …Makeup: Linda Mason, Linda Mason Elements …Model: Baeta (who also helped me with the retouching!) … Photo: David Webber