Sahag ’70s Hair on Linda Morand – 1974

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Sahag '70s Hair on Linda Morand – 1974

Beret Photo: © Hans Fuerer … Train Photo: © Monika Robi. Collage by

Photos in this collage show Linda Morand with hair by John Sahag in 1974. The American “Super Chick” model, usually seen then with short straight geometric hair, has curly hair and a beret for Vogue Paris and is shown, in a detail, as “The Woman on the Train” for Foto Magazine – with longer curly hair, pure 70s. For more on this story and more Sahag, click here

Beret Hair: John Sahag … Photo: © Hans Fuerer for Vogue Paris
(The pink artist’s rendition: © Beska Sorenson)
Train Hair: John Sahag … Photo (Detail): © Monika Robi for Foto