Why? Lipsticks That Fade Fast

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in Helen's Blog | 0 comments

Why? LIp Colors That Fade Fast

Why do so many cosmetic companies say their lip colors are long lasting when they are not? My very favorite colors, Mac Pro Longwear Lip Cremes in Unlimited and Sweet Ever After, have been discontinued. I have bought them all up, and they sell for over $40 on Amazon, which I refuse to pay! They did last – even through a dinner – and they must be popular but are still discontinued! Why? Maybe they lasted too long!!

So I have been on a frustrating quest to find replacements which look modern and work.  Not doing very well.  L’Oréal’s Infallible Pro Matte Gloss Bare Attraction is a color similar to Mac’s Sweet Ever After, although not as flattering to me, a bit pale, the texture is good – but it  definitely does not last long.  Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid Nude Thrill is too blah for me, it feels good but doesn’t last long either.  Inglot’s 199 is the perfect shade to replace Mac’s Unlimited, not too light nor too bright but flattering, looks good, feels good, but lasts 2 seconds.  I looked at Mac’s Retro Matte Liquid shades, and can’t find the one I want, the pinks are too bright or too pale for me.   I did try a beautiful bright red, Fashion Legacy, and everyone said how good I looked in it, but I don’t think the texture flattered my mouth in red – too matte.  It did last, however. I do not want to experiment with expensive department store lip colors to find they do not last so I have stuck to  drug store lipsticks, for now.  Anyone got any ideas, let me know.   Stay tuned for more, click Comment every so often.