Vidal Sassoon’s Marlene Dietrich – 1980

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Vidal Sassoon's Marlene Dietrich – 1980

Photos: Peluquerias Magazine

At the end of 1980, I produced a hair show in Barcelona, Spain with Vidal Sassoon US. There were 2,000 people in the audience for a spectacular event hosted by Lluis Llongueras, Llongueras.   This is the Sassoon Marlene Dietrich played by a Spanish model, who had never heard of Marlene! She ad libbed to Marlene’s career signature song “Falling in Love Again” from the German 1930 movie – “The Blue Angel”   Later in the show the Sassoon Team showed their versions of the Modern Marlene hairstyles from a recent collection.   To see those, CLICK HERE and scroll down. (This is the first time this has been seen since 1980 and is part of a multi-page spread of all the looks shown from the show in Barcelona’s Peluquerias Magazine.)

Hair: Avram, Vidal Sassoon NY (who also master-minded this fantastic sequence) … Color: Edward Moore, Vidal Sassoon NY … Photos: Peluquerias Magazine, Spain.


Dali’s Mustache Stands PassageTime–1960s/2017

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Salvador Dali's Famous Moustache – 1960s

Photo: Archivo Llongueras

Salvador Dali, the eccentric revolutionary surrealist painter and his famous mustache made news.  Lluis Llongueras, did his hair for 30 years (from 1961-1987) and in the Llongueras Book, “Mi Dali Particular (“My Very Own Dali”)  Llongueras says he also did his famous mustache and advised Dali “to stiffen it with a juice of dates and sugar to keep it upright.” The mustache has stood the test of time.  When Dali’s remains were exhumed in 2017, for a paternity case, the forensic’s experts were startled to find the mustache was still intact.  For more on the 2017 discovery, CLICK HERE  For more on Llongueras, Dali and an anecdote, click:

Hair: Lluis Llongueras, Llongueras, Barcelona …  Photo: © Archive Llongueras