Dali’s Mustache Stands PassageTime–1960s/2017

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Salvador Dali's Famous Moustache – 1960s

Photo: Archivo Llongueras

Salvador Dali, the eccentric revolutionary surrealist painter and his famous mustache made news.  Lluis Llongueras, did his hair for 30 years (from 1961-1987) and in the Llongueras Book, “Mi Dali Particular (“My Very Own Dali”)  Llongueras says he also did his famous mustache and advised Dali “to stiffen it with a juice of dates and sugar to keep it upright.” The mustache has stood the test of time.  When Dali’s remains were exhumed in 2017, for a paternity case, the forensic’s experts were startled to find the mustache was still intact.  For more on the 2017 discovery, CLICK HERE  For more on Llongueras, Dali and an anecdote, click:

Hair: Lluis Llongueras, Llongueras, Barcelona …  Photo: © Archive Llongueras


Kiss Curl Extravanganzas – 1990s/1966

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Kiss Curl Extravanganzas - 1990s/1966

Photo Left: Gary Lyons … Right: Archivo Llongueras

Hair history is here with these Kiss Curl extravaganzas. And what fun they both are. On the left, the hair was by Jeanne Braa for Paul Mitchelll, as in one of my Peluquerias columns, early 90s. On the right, the supermodel icon Veruschka with kiss curls created in 1966 by Lluis Llongueras, as in his book “Ellas” published in Barcelona, 2015.

Hair Left; Jeanne Braa, Paul Mitchell, 90s … Photo: Gary Lyons
Hair Right: Lluis Longueras, Llongueras, Barcelona … Archivo Llongueras


80th Birthday Lluis Llongueras – 2016

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 80th Birthday Lluis Llongueras – 2016

Archivo Llongueras

May 24th is the 80th birthday of the one and only Lluis Llongueras. Happy Birthday, Lluis. The hair legend is celebrating, also with an exhibition opening of his bronze sculptures in Barcelona.  Yes, award-winning hair icon, Lluis Llongueras, owner of 20 salons plus schools in Spain and many more in Europe,  South America, Japan is also a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, an author of many coffee table and other books showcasing his many and varied talents. Which include having done the hair of Salvador Dali – and his famous mustache – for 30 years.   He also worked with the eccentric surrealist on the famous Salvador Dali Mae West room at the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. Of course, he did Gala’s hair, and so many famous superstars, supermodels, Royalty, and other big names it boggles the mind. He is the Founder and Director of Peluquerias Magazine, and such a huge name in the hair world I am not doing all his achievements justice.   Here you can see Lluis Llongueras top left, his hair on a Peluquerias cover … a photo of the famous supermodel Veruschka in 1966 (from his latest book. “Ellas”) … with his long-time client Salvador Dali … the Dali mustache … his Mae West … with a Llongueras sculpture, which I photographed at his studio in 2001 … another Llongueras scultpure …  Reina Dona Leitizia, the Queen of Spain. To see more of Llongueras and Dali, worth a click HERE  and to see a video CLICK HERE

Photo Peluquerias: David Arnal … Veruschka, 1966 … Dali : Archivo Llongueras … With Sculpture: Helen Oppenheim … The Queen from his book “Ellas” Published 2015.