Big Blonde Backcombed Bouffants – 2016

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Big Blonde Backcombed Bouffants – 2016

Photos: Anthony Rhoades

Long hair ideas editorial how-to.  Ezel’s big blonde backcombed bouffants are all controlled, no messy hair or tendrils flying messily here and there!! There are a few ways to create hair in a photo studio and Ezel, Sachajuan’s International Editorial Director, once famous for his Vogue covers and pages, has not lost his touch or creativity. He opted for being prepared (another way is to wing it, which may work well, but may not!) He first decided what he wanted to do with the photographer, then worked on his styling head “so we wouldn’t waste time in the studio, and I also figured out my product cocktail in advance, deciding to dry the hair with Mousse. Then I lifted the roots like crazy with Root Lift, used hot rollers on top of the head, and backcombed like mad. I used a stuffing to create the big shapes and smoothed down with Shine Spray.” These photos made a full page in the December 2016 issue of Peluquerias Magazine. For more hair history on WorldGreat, Ezel, from the ’80s to now, CLICK HERE

Hair: Ezel, Sachuan … Makeup: Torrence Forde … Photos: Anthony Rhoades