Moody Blue Hair in Hues of Blue– 2014

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Moody Blue Hair in Hues of Blue– 2014

Photo: © Roberto Ligresti

This long hair with long eye-flirting bangs, all shaded in beautiful blues is from Vivienne Mackinder’s Moody Blue Collection of 2014.  The subtlety of the cut and colors are both stunning.

Viivienne Mackinder says she was 100% inspired for this collection by the fashion designer, Katya Leonvich and designed the whole collection around a swatch of fabric from the designer.   She lost count on the hours put into the collection. “Let’s say 3 weeks,” she says …

To see and read all about more Moody Blues, some dramatic, and more inspiration by WorldGreat Vivienne Madkinder, click here: 

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder, HairDesignerTV … Asst. Color: Lois Broderick … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Styling: Montgomery Frazier … Fashion Designer: Katya Leonovich … Accessories: Perez Sanz … Photos: Roberto Ligresti


SuperStar Wisp Cut A Hit – 1977

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 SuperStar Wisp Cut A Hit - 1977

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Wisps of hair whispered on the forehead and cheek of this La Coupe SuperStar in 1977 – in ways never seen before, when long hair was one length, with few if any layers and no wisps.

On the way to top of the charts, this innovative style became a hit and could be worn in many lengths. Jerome Pinsonneault of La Coupe, Toronto said of the then very new innovation – “Wisp Cutting involved conducting the points of scissors in new ways, cutting hair by hair, and then carefully blending the wisps into the rest of the hair. For more versions and how-to, click here: 

Hair by : Jerome Pinsonneault, La Coupe Toronto … Makeup: Electa & Corrado …  Model: Kim Chi … Photos : Lorraine Sylvestre. Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Two In One, The Genius of John Sahag – 1997

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Two in One, Genius of John Sahag

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim

With color and cut inspired by the Manhattan skyline at night, the genius of the legendary John Sahag can be seen in these two very different looks which have one haircut and one hair color. On the left is what he called the painted canvas with cut and color precisely shown for a special night out on the town. On the right, the precise cut and color are hidden by Sahag’s magical styling.   This was 1997 and hair color with a cut like this had not been before, nor had a top model ever allowed anyone to do anything like this magic, as Siberian-born SuperModel Irina Penteava did on her hair.  And these  looks are as relevant today as then.  For cut and color how-to’s, more versions, click:

Hair Concept/Cut & Color: John Sahag, The John Sahag Workshop … Hair Color: Dario Arias … Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa von Weise … Fashions: Elisa Jimenez/The Hunger World … Gloves: Naomi Misle … Model: Irina … Photos: Helen Oppenheim.


John Sahag Sideburns – 1985

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John Sahag Sideburns - 1985

Photos: Bruno Juminer

This Collection, created for the John Sahag Workshop Launch in 1985,  was all about the sideburn – double and even triple sideburn effects.

“I find sideburns are a wonderful detail,” said the legendary hair icon, “they have their own charm and beauty to accentuate a cheekbone and define a look.”   This was the beginning of long hair coming back in fashion.  “People want to see a change and life is about change,” Sahag said, “feelings and sensitivity are always in motion, and so it should be with hair.”

There’s more sideburn styles, must-see amazing how-to’s and wonderful words  to read in this iconic album.  Go to HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos on

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NY … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Constance Chapman … Photo: Bruno Juminer.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Black Wig Over Blonde Hair – 2012

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Black Wig Over Blonde Hair - 2012

Photo: Edward Cruz

A black bob wig over long blonde hair with black extensions here and there.  “It looked silly at first,” said the one and only Ezel ,“but as we started to work on it, with a blow dryer and straightening iron, then moved it around, it looked absolutely amazing. Quite honestly I think it was the best thing I did all year,” he added.   For more of Ezel’s Editorial work (from the 80s to present) go to WorldGreats on

Hair: Ezel/Marilyn Ballard for Sachajuan … Makeup: Edward Cruz/Timothy Priano … Fashion Stylist: Amber Stolec … Model: Danielle … Photo: © Eddie Collins (Courtesy Noise Magazine)



Vidal Sassoon The P-P-Puff – 1981

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Vidal Sssoon P-P-Puff - 1968

Photos: Lorriane Sylvestre


Big,  soft, sexy, all-over volume injected with a healthy dose of fresh … air.  By Avram, Art Director, Vidal Sassoon, 1981.

First, a superb precision cut and healthy hair, said Avram, who took precision cutting a step further, with the formality gone and  hair freed of its solid form, with no hard edges. This was a new silhouette at the time and worked well with long curly hair.  More cut/styling info on HairThen, Vidal Sassoon, P-U-F-F on

Hair: Avram Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1981 … Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters, Beauty Bookings …  Bustier: Perry Ellis … Model: Meggan… Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre … Produced by Helen Oppenheim



Betsey’s Bombshells – Spring 2012

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Betsey's Bombshells - Spring  2012

Sketches: Betsey Johnson … Photos: Helen Oppenheim

Betsey’s Bombshells for the Betsey Johnson NY Fashion Week Spring 2012  show wore long luscious hair, brushed sexily to one side, by Peter Gray for Redken.  The glam face featured black winged eyeliner, metallic silver on the bottom lashline  – and hot neon pink lips, by Sarah Lucero for Stila.  Betsey drew fake seams on the legs,  autographed on one side!   For more on this fun show, like no other, go to NY Fashion Week Spring 2012 on

Hair: Peter Gray for Cutler/Redken … Makeup: Sarah Lucero for Stila …Photos and Collage: © Helen Oppenheim


The P-P-Puff – Vidal Sassoon 1981

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The P-P-Puff - Vidal Sassoon 1981

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Vidal Sassoon’s P-P-Puff, 1981.  With a Chinese theme!  We have taken our superb precision cutitng a step further, said Graham Wren in 1981.

The big new silhouette from Vidal Sassoon Salons USA in 1981 was injected with a healthy dose
of fresh…air.  Very new then, a very different and high fashion direction for Vidal Sassoon.

The look was voluminous, the effect airy, fresh, very natural, casual, with carefully cut-up hair p-p-puffing…flicking and flirting around the silhouette, framing the face, in soft, flattering ways. It was big. And soft. And sexy.

“In the same way the fashion innovators are offering a variety of lengths and moods, said Avram, Vidal Sassoon’s articulate Art Director in 1981, “we are shattering the myth that only short haircuts can
offer form, gesture and volume.  Many of our newest looks are refreshingly long. We are going to all lengths to show that soft, voluminous hair is the perfect balance, the perfect accessory to fashion this
season.” For more P-P-Puffs, long and short, go to HairThen, Vidal Sassoon, The P-P-Puff on

Hair: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1981
Makeup: Ted Nadel
Dress: Ellen Gleason
Jewelry: Margaret Bailey, Vidal Sassoon
Model: Danielle
Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Produced by Helen Oppenheim