13 Soft Cubism 1979 – Marlene

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12 Soft Cubism

Soft Cubism by Vidal Sassoon, 1979

Modern Marlene

The Modern Marlene, inspired by the 1931 photo of Marlene Dietrich in the movie “Dishonored” and
cubism was an asymmetric symmetric straight bob with more volume on one side and cut-in waves.
It is graduated with diffused edges on the lean side and has versatile bi-level asymmetric fringes,
which can also be swept back off the forehead.  The length of the bob at both sides is symmetric.
This was a complicated but glamorous and exciting Sassoon cut.

This version of the Modern Marlene was done for a TV and promotional tour with Vidal Sassoon,
the man, in September, 1979.  I remember finding just the right model for this event,
also flying the model and her dress with Graham Wren, who did the hair,  to Los Angeles
where I think this photo was taken.

Note: The photo was scanned from a full page in a magazine. Unfortunately, I do not  know
the magazine, photographer, who did makeup and I am unsure of the model’s name.
Anyone involved will be duly credited if you let me know.  You all created a lovely version of
the Modern Marlene and a great photo.

Hair: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon New York, 1979
Model: Samantha Jones
Photo: Unknown