Vidal Sassoon Jeans History – 1980

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Vidal Sassoon Jeans History – 1980

Illustrations: © Georgine Strathy

Vidal Sassoon History. Here are some rare illustrations, not seen since 1980, from the press release for the Vidal Sassoon Jeans Launch in Canada.  Left, illustrates the story of the Million $ Jeans with De Beers diamonds which were kept in a safe when not in use, which they were for the press events in both Montreal and Toronto!    Right, illustrates how Vidal Sassoon had 50 hostesses and pit girls flashing and dashing about in Vidal Sassoon Jeans and tops at the Montreal Grand Prix, Number 1 winners, all part of the Vidal Sassoon Canadian launch for the jeans and the products.  Illustrations by Montreal’s Georgine Strathy, who I met for lunch at the Rodeo Drive Hotel near the Beverly Hills salon to discuss her participation in the press release visuals. She was Montreal’s Top Fashion Illustrator at the time.   For more on the Canadian Launch, click HERE


Vidal Sassoon Helen Oppenheim Toronto – 1981

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Vidal Sassoon Helen Oppenheim Toronto - 1981

Helen with Vidal Sassoon for the launch of the Vidal Sassoon Jeans and Hair Care Products in Toronto, 1981.     Yes, you read it right – jeans! With the hair care products. For more on the $Million Dollar Jeans, the event, go to HairThen, Vidal Sassoon, Canadian Launch, on




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Remembering Vidal Sasson

Vidal Sassoon with his $Million Dollar Jeans, Toronto 1980

On the day of his Memorial in London, October 12, 2012, take a minute to look at this happy photo of Vidal Sassoon launching his $Million Dollar Jeans and products in Toronto, Canada, 1980.  The name Vidal Sassoon was spelled out in De Beers diamonds.  As PR and Creative Director for the Vidal Sassoon Salons USA at the time, I had 2 weeks of sleepless nights to come up with this idea!  For more  information on this, the Pinkerton Guard, go to HairThen Vidal Sassoon Canadian Launch on

Hair: Helen Chudoba, Vidal Sassoon, Toronto, 1981 … Model: Paula Turnbull … Photo: Unknown


1 Canadian Launch 1980

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1 Canadian Launch 1980

Vidal Sassoon with Million $ Jeans Model, Toronto, 1980

Vidal Sassoon and his Million $ Jeans Here’s Vidal with his Million $ Jeans model at the Toronto Press Event to launch his jeans and his hair care products in Canada.

This was the ultimate pair of jeans and this photo made not only the NY Post but also the NY Daily News and the United Press International Wire Service for world wide coverage, but also many papers in Canada as well as the US.

As PR director for the Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada, I had spent two weeks of sleepless nights trying to come up with a newsworthy idea to launch yet another pair of jeans and one night a brainwave came.  Why not have the Vidal Sassoon logo made of real diamonds and have a Pinkerton security guard standing by to protect what I called the Million $ Dollar Jeans. I had a contact with the Canadian PR for de Beers Diamonds, at Ayer Barker ABH International in Toronto, and I approached Heather.   She liked the idea for De Beers, too, and had the signature made of  De Beers diamonds, albeit not a Million $ worth, but I think we paid some $15,000 for the signature, which in 1981 was worth a lot more than it would be now. Yes, it was a gimmick, but a  good one.  I was surprised how many of the press thought they really were worth a million dollars but most knew and played along with the fun!

Jeans manufactured in Montreal by Skirt Togs for Vidal Sassoon Canada Ltd. There were hairstyle photos in the press release, but repeats of others in the Vidal Sassoon Archives so I show just some of the photos and sketches from the Canadian Launch.

Hair: Helen Chudoba, Vidal Sassoon, Toronto, 1980 …Model: Paula Turnbull, International Top Models … Photo: Unknown … Produced by Helen Oppenheim

(Photo was either United Press International or Canadian Press, but I am not 100% sure which or who took it.  Will credit.)



9 Canadian Launch 1980

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8_vs_Fernando Romero with Million Dollar Jeans

Fernando Romero with Million $ Jeans in Spain 1980

The Million $ Jeans in Spain

Here is Fernando Romero, President of Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada
with the Vidal Sassoon Million $ jeans in Barcelona, Spain,
during a hair show we did in front of 2,000 people at the Palacio de Congresos
for the annual Luis Llongueras Journadas, November  1980.

Model: Kathy Davis
Photo: Courtesy: Pelulquerias Magazine

ANECDOTE: Helen with Vidal Sassoon USA in Barcelona, another saga to be told one day….