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Photos: Helen Oppenheim and Getty Images (two center) …  Collage

The Selkie New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2024 which took place in the St Regis rooftop ballroom was something else. It was a whimsical fantasy fairy tale showcasing models of all sizes, ages, one gorgeous girl in a wheelchair, two burlesque performers.  Inspired by the Cottingley Sisters, who convinced the world in 1917 that fairies might exist, Creative Director and Designer, Kimberly Gordon, produced a superspectacular show. She asks “Do You Believe?” She does, and she transported everyone back in time  to play dress up – “to embrace your inner child” with her cream puff dresses modernized with magic.

The feminine pretty hairstyles, many with hair extensions, was by Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken, and the make up by Lottie for Colour Pop featured a mole, soft bow lips, a flush-like blush.

To see the album with 27 photos CLICK HERE and to see videos of the show on Instagram CLICK HERE (check Posts and Highlighted Stories)

Hair: Linh Nguyen for Cutler Salons …  Products: Redken … Hair Extensions: EasiHairPro …
Makeup: Lottie for Colour Pop Cosmetics …  Models: Daphne Marleen Iaan (top left & center) … Pearls Daily (top right) … Kaitlin Sommer (bottom left and center) … Photos: Helen Oppenheim (top left and right, bottom left and right) …  Getty Images (top center and bottom center)