Björk Braids at MoMA – to June 7, 2015

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Björk Braids at MoMA – to June 7, 2015

Photo: © Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

MoMA presents Björk, a retrospective dedicated to the multifaceted work of the singer, composer, musician, also inspiration for the fashion, hair and beauty worlds. The exhibition, on to June 7, 2015, made possible by Volkswagen of America, draws from more than 20 years of the artist’s daring and innovative career, and includes Braids, Medulia, 2014, seen here.   For more Björk, click HERE

Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin … Image courtesy of Wellhart Ltd. & One Little Indian and MoMA


Photos on Helen’s Blog – April 19-May 17, 2014

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Check out the photos on Helen’s Blog from April 19th to May 17, 2014. You will see there are many Toulouse-Lautrec, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau posts. Scroll down to Page 2 where there’s more to be seen, including the most detailed Toulouse-Lautrec post, and plenty of other interesting photos and stories, plus credits. Scroll right to the end of the Blog, if you want to see all the photos on the Blog, or  for collages of them all, click here.   If you really want to know your hair history, check the website where are now over 3,000 photos with lots of information and tutorials and more …


Toulouse-Lautrec Belle Epoque Hair – 1900

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Toulouse-Lautrec Belle Epoque Hair - 1900

La Modiste by Toulouse-Lautrec

This is Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s La Modiste, 1900. She is Mlle. Renée Vert (Mme. Le Murgouin) and she had a shop in Montmartre. No idea if this will be in the MoMA Museum Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition opening on July 26 in NYC but her hair was Belle Epoque, trending for 2014.

For more Toulouse-Lautrec, Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau inspiration, scroll down this blog, all the way down Page One, and to Page Two. From the book, Toulouse-Lautrec, with text by Douglas Cooper, Thames & Hudson, published in 1955, a great resource with 55 reproductions in full color and 63 illustrations in monochrome.



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Drawings by Mucha

The Belle Epoque, the Art Nouveau era will trend with the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at MoMA Museum in NYC, opening July 26. Be inspired … And scroll down to the second page, where there’s more, including the key Lautrec background to know.

Art Nouveau drawings and design in the landmark Style Book published in1905,  Mucha’s Figures Decoratives are by one of the most-famous decorative artists in Paris at the turn of the century, Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939.)  He loved long hair, was obsessed with curves coiling around idealized women which, with his Sarah Bernhardt posters, made him famous then, and to this day.   For the book on Amazon, click (but know the front cover color is warmer on my copy!)


Toulouse-Lautrec @ MoMA – 1890s

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Toulouse-Lautrec Lithographs.  Collage:

Toulouse-Lautrec Lithographs. Collage:

Here are some of Toulouse-Lautrec’s Lithographs coming to the MoMA Museum in NYC, a must-see exhibit from July 26 – March 2, 2015.   The bright orange and yellow hair Lautrec painted, everything Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau will be fodder for fashion – and the hair world.  Scroll down  for more Toulouse-Lautrec  blogs.  Be inspired.  Stay tuned for more …

Top left to right: La Troupe de Mademoiselle Églantine (Mademoiselle Églantine’s Troupe) 1896 …  Jane Avril, 1899 …  Divan Japonais, 1893.  Bottom left to right: Babylone d’Allemagne (German Babylon). 1894 … Confetti, 1894 … Reine de joie (Queen of Joy) 1892.


Gibson Girl Hair – 1890s

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Illustrations: Charles Dana Gibson

Illustrations: Charles Dana Gibson

With MoMA’s Toulouse Lautrec exhibition (July 26-March 1, 2015) everything Belle Epoque will inspire fashion – and hair.  It’s one step from Lautrec’s Paris during the era to the American hair of the era, which was piled deliciously on top of the head. Watch this updo trend.  The hair in these illustrations by American artist, Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944) tell the story. These are his Gibson Girls.  The man is a café artist in Paris.  “The Gibson Girl and Her America” is a book worth checking out, available on Amazon, click


The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec – 1893

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Lithograph: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec/MoMA

La Belle Epoque, Toulouse-Lautrec/MoMA

The pre-eminent artist of Belle Epoque Paris, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) will be starting a Belle Epoque/Art Nouveau trend with his must-see exhibition at MoMA Museum, NYC, from July 26, 2014-March 1, 2015.  Featured, his famous prints and plenty to inspire all in the fashion and hair worlds.

19th century Parisian life – the social salons, the culture of gastronomy (think Maxim’s), ice-skating, horse racing at Longchamps and, of course, the dance halls, the Can-Can, Moulin Rouge, the brothels and prostitutes –  all will inspire. As will Lautrec’s muses, Yvette Guilbert, La Goulou, Loie Fuller, Jane Avril and everything Epoque and Art Nouveau. Which includes Gibson girl hairstyles of the era. Often in bright orange or red or yellow.  Watch for all to go to the top of the head, fitting in with today’s casual looks.

This Lithograph features Jane Avril, 1893, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, see it a MoMA in July.   I have this period really researched.  More, much more to come. Don’t forget to check Helen’s Blog over the next months …


Magritte-Inspiired Vidal Sassoon HighHair – 1980

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Magritte-Inspiired Vidal Sassoon HighHair  1980

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

The Museum of Modern Art will be inspiring the fashion and hair worlds with Magritte: The Mystery Of The Ordinary, 1926 -1938, the first exhibition to focus exclusively on René Magritte’s breakthrough surrealist years.  The exhibition opens in New York on September 28, 2013, before traveling to Houston and Chicago in 2014.

Magritte inspired Vidal Sassoon New York In 1980 – with these versions of romantic, dreamy HighHair, by Graham Wren, photographed with some Magritte-like clouds and curtains, designed by Avram.   Apologies to  René Magritte’s “Le Beau Monde” (“High Society”) created in 1960 (not the exhibition’s time frame) but we thought any Magritte is motivational.   For more surreal hair, go to HairThen, Vidal Sassoon, HighHair, on

Hair: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon, 1980 … Makeup: Ted Nadel … Dress: Patrick Wise … Model: Vyctoria … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre … Art Director: Avram … Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim