Alcatraz Future Tennis No 1 & His Hair – 2022

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Alcatraz Future Tennis No 1 & His Hair – 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim with Thanks to The Tennis Channel

18 year old Carlos Alcatraz is The Real Deal, The Future No. 1 World Tennis Champ, before all others.  He just went from 103 in the world to 38 to 11 in the world, in one season. With his win of the Championship at the Miami Open today, the pundit commentators say the Big Four now are Nadal, Djokovich, Medvedev and Alcatraz.  But Nadal has a foot injury, a rib injury,  and Medvedev has to have a hernia op.   Both Nadal and Djokovich are mid-30s so Spain’s Alcatraz, called the “bone crusher” could rocket even higher in the rankings, soon. I love his game. Such fun to watch, takes my breath away. Not so sure about his hair!  To the left, his hair last year, longer, and to the right the close crop he has now.   I think he should grow it a little, easy as it must be to take care of now, and find a new look. Whatever, I look forward to seeing  more of him, and Tsitipas, who plays more like the great Federer than anyone else, perhaps a great rivalry like that of Nadal and Federer will happen.

Photos: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to the Tennis Channel.