Innovative Re-Engineered Old School Waves – 2015

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Innovative Re-Engineered Old School Waves – 2015

Photo: © Tania Quintania

These innovative old school waves were “re-engineered” by Robert Grimes of RLG Salon in Texas. He created them with comb and fingers, working diagonally from crown to the hairline, waiting for each section to dry before going to the next section. He was a Finalist in 3 categories for The North American Hairdressing Awards in 2015 – NAHA – and won the prestige award of Hairstylist of the Year for this and (not shown) a veiled look all made of hair which took 3 weeks to get 2 square feet of usable netting, plus a braided process, which “took 10 hours of finger numbing work.”

Hair/Fashion/Styling: Robert Grimes, RLG Salon, Austin, Texeas … Products: Aveda Air Control, Pheomollient Styling Foam, Flaxseed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Gel, Confixor Liquid Gel … Makeup: Kelsey James … Photo: Tania Quintania


UpDo Done And Undone – 2015

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UpDo Done And Undone  – 2015

Photo: © Nico Lliev

This is “an intermix of beauty and destitution. I wanted hair to be done and undone at the same time,” stated Lindsey Olsen. She was inspired by the women arriving at Ellis Island early last century, also disheveled women during the depression in the ’30s, many of whom still managed to look elegant and classic, she said of her 2015 NAHA-nominated knock-out style.

Hair: Lindsey Olsen, Lindsey Olsen Salon, Lockport, Il … Products: Redken Guts 10, Iron Shape 11, Powder Grip 01, Fashion Work 12, Control Addict 28 … Sam Villa Texture Iron … Makeup: James Vincent … Fashion Styling: Miranda Cazin … Photo: Nico Lliev