Julie Vriesinga Hair Colors Inspo NAHA – 2023

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Julie Vriesinga Hair Colors Inspo NAHA - 2023

Photos: Paula Tizzard (Courtesy The Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

Julie Vriesinga of Salon Entre Nous is nominated again for the PBA NAHA 2023 Awards in the Hairstylist of The Year Category.  She worked with colors and products by L’Oreal Majirel  and Goldwell Elumen.

Left.  Her structured bob with shattered ends shows off color done in layers, as though it was a canvas. The base color was first applied, then the award-winning artist did a series of hand-painted diagonal crossed lines in different tones.  Lastly, she finished by tipping out certain sections with a copper glow.  The look was finished by styling the hair with a round brush blow dry, then a 1″ flatiron created folds around the parietal ridge and through the fringe to create erratic zigzag patterns.  It was set with a ribbon tied temple to temple around the head to tighten the shape through the center

Right: The short look has heavy blunt layers, a micro-chopped fringe, and a rainbow of pink colors applied from the palest blush to a dusty rose to bubble gum, and deeper tones, all creating an incredible multi-dimensional look, somehow still subtle.  Very thin and detailed sections were placed in foil throughout the head, a deeper shadow root created depth from the inside.  The cut contrasts the soft color placement. To contradict the cut, a very soft multidirectional curling iron set was then shaped using a brush and hands.

Hair: Julie Vriesinga, Salon Entrenous, London, Canada
Products: L’Oreal Majirel and Goldwell Elumen
Makeup: Florencia Taylor
Wardrobe: Florencia Taylor
Models: Left: MK Kearns, Right:  Sophie Monet
Photos: Paula Tizzard
(Courtesy The Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

(Left: Products:  L’Oreal Dia Light, Techni Art Pli Setting Spray, Constructor, Anti-Frizz HairSpray, Savage Panache, Ring Light
Right Products: L’Oreal Techni Art Transformer Texture Gel to Foam, Super Dust, Web, Anti-Frizz, Ring Light)


Avant Garde Hair by NAHA Finalist – 2023

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Avant Garde Hair by NAHA Finalist – 2023

Photos: Damien Carney

The inspiration for this “Euphoria Hair Collection” by Anakin Chan of Bubbles Salon, was a futuristic garden.  “I was trying to think outside the box to make the hair look like plastic with some transparency so you can see the hair through the light,” the artist said.   “The lighting for the photo shoot was also critical because I wanted to see the shapes.”

Nominated as an Avant Garde Finalist for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) 34th annual North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHS) for 2023, he first cut a piece of extension, laid it flat and saturated it with Mod Podge (an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish) then let dry overnight.  When 100% dried, he cut different sized circles in different shapes, folding them like an origami, then glue gunned them together on a base to fit with the model’s face. Congratulations to Anakin and to all the Finalists.

Hair Stylist: Anakin Chan, Bubbles Salon, Maryland … Hair Product: CIBU … Makeup; joanne Gair  … Fashion Director: Nikko Kefalas … Model: Elena Sartison … Photos: Damien Carney (Courtesy The Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

Stay tuned for more inspirations from the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America which honors the salon industry’s top artists who have a creative field day participating in various categories.  Tickets for the event, which takes place at Anaheim Convention Center on April 2nd, are available if you CLICK HERE