Deco-Inspired Hair/Cool Men NAHA – 2022

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Deco-Inspired Hair/Cool Men NAHA - 2022

Photos: Vanessa Secondino

If you are a cool man you will love these art deco-inspired hair designs by Navin Ramgoolam of Salon Deaville in Montreal which won the Barber Of The Year Award at NAHA 2022. The Barber category included fades, tapers, and other looks created with a mastery in techniques.”  Congratulations to the team who put these looks together and to all the Winners and those nominated.   Good to know creativity is still alive and well in the hair world. For more NAHA 2022, CLICK HERE

Hair: Navin Ramgoolam, Salon Deauville, Montreal … Makeup: Kris Christodoulou … Fashion Stylist: Kim Rivka … Photos: Vanessa Secondino