Cillian Murphy, Hair Icon, SuperStar – 2023

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Cillian Murphy, Hair Icon, SuperStar - 2023

Photos: BBC, Netflix, Universal Pictures, Gentleman’s Journal, Getty, Google

I saw Ciliian Murphy in the hit movie “Oppenheimer.” J. Robert Oppenheimer was the Father of the Atomic bomb .  And the movie is brilliant.   I predict Cillian Murphy as a new SuperStar.  He is very strong in  the Universal movie which will get many Oscars for sure, probably at least one for Murphy, and one for Christopher Nolan, writer, director, the man who made it all happen and is running a blockbuster marketing campaign (accolades for that alone.) “I did insist on scheduling around Cillian’s haircut,” Nolan has said “because I’m very allergic to wigs in movies.”  To see the official trailer of the movie, CLICK HERE The hair won’t set any trends in  this movie but it does vary as the years go by.  But maybe men will wear more hats, as Oppenheimer does in this movie, probably often because the hair was at the wrong length for the scene!!!

After being bowled over by the “Oppenheimer” movie, I was motivated to go back and see Murphy in the BBC’s “Peaky Blinders” with 6 seasons on Netflix, which started in 2013 and ended in 2022, but is still available. Cillian Murphy is so charismatic, he almost jumps out of the tv set of this British period drama which takes place from 1919 to 1933, created by Steven Knight.   Murphy stars as crime boss Tommy Shelby and became a hair icon because of his undercut/fade with length on top. Which many cast members also wear.   To see the “Gentleman’s Journal” article with more details on the hair, CLICK
To see a trailer of  “Peaky Blinders” Season 1, CLICK HERE


Transatlantic on Netflix 1940 WW11 – 2023

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Transatlantic on Netflix 1940 WW11 - 2023

Photos Left and Bottom Right: Courtesy Netflix.  Top Center and Right: Helen Oppenheim

I am watching Transatlantic on Netflix, a limited series of 7 episodes based on a book based on a true story about a very brave group who helped refugees escape the Nazis in occupied France in 1940 during the early days of WW11.  When America was still neutral.  They helped artists, writers, Jewish thinkers who were on the Nazi’s “Most Wanted  List.”

Varian Fry, the American journalist who helped 2,000 escape in real life is credited for helping some famous names we all know escape to America –  Max Ernst, Thomas Mann, Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, André Breton, amongst others the group helped escape from Marseilles, where most the action  in the tv series takes place.

Mary Jayne Gold an American heiress portrayed by Gillian Jacobs, featured in photos, played an important part funding the heroic rescues.  Lucas Englander is German Jewish Refugee Albert Hirshman. Corey Michael Smith portrays Varian Fry.

The Vichy French, to their shame, and the American government, to their shame, were no help.   Transatlantic is good, could be better, but it is worth watching ….   To see the official trailer, CLICK HERE


Netflix, The Empress, The Hair – 2022

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 Netflix, The Empress, The Hair – 2022

Netflix TV Series … Collage

The Netflix TV series The Empress” has a big fashion buzz , and starts tonight, September 29th.  I posted a blog all on the romantic historical German 6 episode series about Elizabeth, aka Sisi, the Empress of Austria (1837-1898)  –   scroll down one blog.  This blog is about her hair.  Which was ankle length, long and heavy. It is said her routine of brushing, dressing, braiding and pinning would last almost three hours and, according to Daily News Hungary,” it was treated with honey, eggs and cognac.”

Photos Top L-R :Netflix ad … Devrim Lignau as Elizabeth … The Collage with credits just posted, scroll down
Bottom Row : Elizabeth, her long hair, no makeup (Image Quora) … Elizabeth 16 year old bride (Image Wikipedia) … Empress Elizabeth (wiki commons by Kawaart) … Elizabeth at The Sisi Museum in Vienna.


The Empress, Netflix. Next Big Hit – 2022

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The Empress, Netflix. Next Big Hit – 2022

Netflix TV Series … Collage by

The Empress, due to start on Netflix on Thursday, September 29, has the buzz for the next big tv fashion, hair and beauty hit.   The romantic historical German  6 episode TV series tells the story of the Bavarian Princess who became the Empress of Austria, a Royal drama.   Elizabeth, known as Sisi, was the Princess Diana of her day, battling tradition in the 1800s Habsburg Royal Court after she married Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria. She was beloved. And  And, well, you can read all about the drama and see a video and a teaser with a CLICK HERE and a CLICK HERE

Photos Top L-R : Empress Elisabeth of Austria, 16 year old bride … Elizabeth had long hair (Heritage/Getty Image)…. Print of Emperor Franz Joseph with Empress Elizabeth and their children, ca 1880 (Heritage Images)
Yellow Dress Center: Devrim Lignau as Elizabeth  (image Julia Terjung/Netflix)
Bottom Row : Netflix ad … Philip Froissant (left) and a portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph … Sisi and Franz (Netflix)


Oscars 2021 Boring Hair – 2021

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Oscars 2021 Boring Hair - 2021

Collage by with thanks to E-TV and ABC-TV

The Oscars 2021. Some lovely fashions. Hair not so interesting, boring!  Oscars not so interesting. I didn’t want to see any of the movies …   I just couldn’t get interested in the Oscars this year. In fact, I recorded, then watched a Season 4 episode of Velvet, Spanish TV series on Netflix I am addicted to now.  First time I wasn’t glued to the TV for  the Oscars in decades.    To see more, better quality photos (!) and who is who, CLICK HERE


Queen’s Gambit Hair Flicks – 2021

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Queen's Gambit Hair Flicks – 2021

Photos Courtesy Netflix.  Collage

Hair Trend Alert.  Anya Taylor-Joy’s hair flicks in The Queen’s Gambit, the much-watched Netflix TV series, in which she played Beth Harmon, an orphan who had a genius for chess and a madness brought on by pills and alcohol. We first see her as a kid in the late ’50s, an orphan, with brutally short micro-bangs, then with short early ’60’s dos of the era, but her longer hair with the flicks in 1968 is what caught my eye, perhaps to be adapted and less perfect for the 21st century. The red hair, wigs throughout, was by Daniel Parker, who was inspired by Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly. The Limited Series, almost hypnotic to watch (the pace, the music, the everything) which may or may not be continued, was adapted by Scott Frank from Walter Tevi’s novel with the same title, was co-created with Alan Scott. Some great acting, especially from actress, director, writer Marielle Heller, also helped make each of the 7 episodes a joy to watch, whether one plays chess or not. To read more about the hair, CLICK HERE, and to see the offcial trailer CLICK HERE
Hair and Makeup:   Daniel Parker. Photos: Courtesy Netflix


Katherine Langford Hair Star Golden Globes – 2018

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 Katherine Langford Hair Star @ Golden Globes – 2018

Photos: Pop Sugar, Fashionista … RCFA … Radio-Canada, Just Jared

A hair star arrived last night at the 75th Annual Golden Globes. Katherine Langford looked Hollywood Glam for the 21st Century and wore the most original hair look of the evening. Her long waved hair, by Christian Wood, was swept to one side and swished with glittering star clips of various sizes by Jennifer Behr. The 21 year old Aussie, at her first Globes, was nominated Best Actress in a TV Drama in Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” for her role as Hannah Baker.  She wore a custom Prada long sleeved black deep V-necked gown with jeweled detailing matching her starry hair jewelry and earrings by Choppard. A hair star is born …

Hair: Christian Wood, Wall Group … Products: Wella US … Makeup: Stephen Sollitto … Fashion Styling: Molly Dickson
Photos: Pop Sugar, Fashionista … RCFA … Radio-Canada, Just Jared