New Wave Pompadour Rockers – 2016

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New Wave Pompadour Rockers - 2016

Photos: Richard Monsieurs./Courtesy PBA. Collage by

Hair that rocks. With pompadours rising up to there. And new wave movements. By Matt Swinney, Evolution, a Finalist for NAHA 2016 in the Hairstylist of the Year Category, winners to be announced on Sunday, July 24th in Las Vegas. Both soft elegant styles are seen with hard-edge tattoos, and “show how free women are today to express themselves, more free than they have ever been in the realm of fashion and hair,” says the hairstylist. For the short look, left, damp hair was gelled, old school waves were vent brushed in, making sure to lock the waves in with a gentle rock motion, going against the way the wave was trending. When the waves were dry and set, small clips were used between the waves to make the indentation more prominent before finishing with spray. Right, a new wave rocker ponytail, something very different to a classic pony, with a pompadour effect. After the blow dry, the hair was sectioned with a tail comb, along the parietal ridge, roping the section to the occipetal bone dropping the top section back after securing, combed in a brick lay pattern, then backcombed. The outsides were then smoothed, and rolled into place. “I watched the hair grow fuller, after four sprays into the pony, with L’Anza’s Plumper.”

Hair: Matt Swinney, Evolution, Minneapolis, MN for NAHA … Products: L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray (short style) … Healing Style Design Foam … Keratin Healing Oil Combing Cream … Healing Oil Hair Plumper … Brushes: Vent, Mason Pearson, Round … Makeup: Angela Guthrie … Photo: Richard Monsieurs/Courtesy PBA