World Cup Soccer Hair Scores – 2014

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World Cup Soccer Hair Scores - 2014

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The men’s hair at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil scores. And how. Here’s just a few picks which should inspire many out there.

Top Left to Right: Superstar hearthrob Cristiano Ronaldo with a different look each day Portugal played, with fades and parts, the two biggest looks the men sported and one day zig zags, gone the next day … Brazil’s 22 year old exciting-to-watch superstar, Neymar, also with a different look – and color – each day Brazil played (and more looks probably to come)

Second Row, Left to Right: Ronaldo on Day One … France’s 6′ 4″ top scorer, Pogba, back view and side view, very inventive … More Neymar and with Dani Alves now dyed almost a grey)

Third Row: Argentina’s Messi, because he is a real artist … A Nigerian player … a player from Ghana … Parts here, there, everywhere …  and here’s two ideas, one, on Vidal, more radical … Hair spiking up to there on this player from France and more subtly on gorgeous Michael Ballack, ex German soccer superstar now giving analysis for ESPN …

Bottom Row: Couldn’t resist just a few socks, mismatched shoes and shoes in general.   With thanks to both ESPN and ABC for their amazing camerawork and direction from whom I captured all the photos here except the zig zag one on Ronaldo, photographer unknown.

Hot Hair: Parts here, there, everywhere … fades or tight, close-to-the-head sides, short hair, often rising up, and strategic color making an appearance, all are big news for men from the World Cup for 2014.

Note on the quality of the photos. Not all good. I know. Taken with three cameras – Canon Elph Power Point and iPhone, better ones with Canon 5D. It is not easy to catch the moment with the right hair angle.


Neymar, World Cup Soccer Star – 2013-14

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World Cup Hair Alert!  Watch out for Neymar, the Brazilian soccer star, as FIFA”s World Cup fever builds. The event about half the world will watch starts, in Brazil, on June 12 and the final is July 13. Sexy 22 year old Neymar is hair obsessed – check out all the styles and colors here and his videos on YouTube.  He’s has over 10 million Twitter followers, over 4 million on Instagram (according to the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Sunday, May 31st issue, where he is on the cover looking more drop-dead gorgeous than in most of these photos!) The new hair and soccer sensation, full name Neymar da Silva Junior, is now playing for Barcelona and is being compared to Pelé and Cristiana Ronaldo, who took one of the photos here (thanks to many on Google for the others.) Photo top left is a Neymar wallpaper – for more on him and them, click  and in the New York Sunday Times Styles June 8, lead article, Who Will be the New David Beckham, click here: