Playful at Tara Babylon’s NYFW S2024

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Playful at Tara Babylon’s NYFW S2024

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage

Playful hair, makeup and fashions at Tara Babylons’s New York Fashion Week’s Presentation for Spring 2024.   The makeup, by Maite Moreira for New York Make Up Academy  was “very pastel looking, very pinkish and very girly, yet very sexy, creaed to match a dreamy vibe.”  A multichrome pigment flake decorated eyelids, a pastel pink draping blush, iridescent cheekbones and rhinestones were added for extra texture.  Mascara was pink or white.     While Rodney Cutler’s hair for the Presentation was Edwardian and romantic, there was also this classic bob. Flowers by Doan Ly decorated all heads.   To see 33 photos including the playful pastel Tara Babylon fashions archived on the website, CLICK HERE

Lead HaIr: Rodney Cutler, Cutler Salons … Products: Redken … Makeup: Maite Moreira for New York Makeup Academy … Flowers: Doan Li … Photos: Helen Oppenheim





Belle Epoque Harlot @ Elena Valez – 2022

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Belle Epoque Harlot @ Elena Valez - 2022

Fashion Photo Left: Isadore Montag.  Beauty Photo Right: Helen Oppenheim

Update.  Elena Velez was recently recognized as the Best American Emerging Designer for 2022 by the CFDA.  This is the Belle Epoque Harlot Look at the Elena Valez New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 show held at the Freehand Hotel.  The makeup by Maite Moreira featured “soft lips and soft eyes with a unique feminism vibe,” said Claire Louise Perez, CEO/Founder of the New York Makeup Academy.   Elena Valez is an emerging new talent, reviews for the show, which opened with the soundtrack “She was a disgrace to all women”  included “gutsy” (Cathryn Horn, NY Magazine) … “Goth-grunge””gritty glam” a bit Mad Max: (WWD) … “tough and gritty, very hot” (Vogue.).  The theme was “Maidenhood & Its Labors.”  The hair, by Rodney Cutler, Cutler/Redken, was mostly “lived in” hair, very varied styles, always interesting. To see more hair inspirations, makeup which included black smudged lips, more of the aggressively delicate American artisanal deconstructed avant-garde fashions, CLICK HERE

Makeup: Maite Moreira, New York Makeup Academy … Hair: Rodney Cutler, Cutler/Redken … Model: Veronica … Photo Left: Isadore Montag … Photo Right: Helen Oppenheim