Why NYFW Hair Sponsors Are Vanishing – 2018

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Why NYFW Hair Sponsors Are Vanishing - 2018





Dear Fashion Designers. Dear Fashion Stylists. Dear Lead Hairdressers.  Hair sponsor problems ahead. Just a little warning. But one which everyone should take very seriously. Hair sponsors are fading or opting out of doing NYFW shows altogether. Many big name hair sponsors have already vanished from the NYFW runways, others are doing far less shows.  Why? Well, this may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But there’s enough blame to go around. The major fashion magazines and many fashion advertisers publish page after page of dreary or repetitive hair which inspires no one in the hair world and is often unflattering to mere mortals.   The fashion designers and fashion stylists, both of whom rule at NYFW, do not want interesting hair to walk the runways.  They want what they see in the fashion magazines, or on too many red carpet celebs. Yes, most designers want safe hair, boring hair, nothing hair. Most lead hairdressers take the easy way out, they do what is wanted. Not all hairdressers, some make the effort and try to offer creative, interesting appropriate hair but all too often to deaf ears.  Not always, but far too  often.  If the hair is not interesting, not newsworthy even in some small way, it is hard for sponsors to get good or, worse, any press, and if they do not do this, it is not good business to continue season after season.    Once they have got over the fun, the atmosphere, they start to sponsor less shows, then sponsor none and put their promotional budgets elsewhere. Also less and less good hairdressers are wanting to be part of a NYFW hair team because the hair is so booooring.   So, everyone, be aware.

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