Whimsical PH5 Fashions NYFW – 2024

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Whimsical PH5 Fashions NYFW - 2024

Photos: Fred J. DeVito. Collage helenoppenheim.com

Four fashion looks from the PH5 New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Show, with the theme “Factory Life” which was an homage to their Chinese factory, their atelier, the heart of PH5, where the sustainable whimsical fun fashions are created.  The cool collection, designed by Zoe Champion and Wei Lin, included pretty pastels,  light knitwear, tromp l’oeil effects, dyes which changed color with UV exposure in the sun on the rooftop of the Public Hotel.  Feng Shui inspired throughout the show.

The hair by Carly Loura for Cutler Salon/Redken featured shorter looks, some very short, tight sides, many with natural textures.   To see more from this interesting exciting show, CLICK HERE

Lead Hair: Carly Loura, Cutler Salon/Redken … Products: Redken … Lead Makeup: Molly Marie Ganster, New York Makekup Academy using Dire Beauty Products … Fashion Styling: Coke Ho … Shoes: Hoka … Photos: Fred J. DeVito


Playful at Tara Babylon’s NYFW S2024

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Playful at Tara Babylon’s NYFW S2024

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage helenoppenheim.com

Playful hair, makeup and fashions at Tara Babylons’s New York Fashion Week’s Presentation for Spring 2024.   The makeup, by Maite Moreira for New York Make Up Academy  was “very pastel looking, very pinkish and very girly, yet very sexy, creaed to match a dreamy vibe.”  A multichrome pigment flake decorated eyelids, a pastel pink draping blush, iridescent cheekbones and rhinestones were added for extra texture.  Mascara was pink or white.     While Rodney Cutler’s hair for the Presentation was Edwardian and romantic, there was also this classic bob. Flowers by Doan Ly decorated all heads.   To see 33 photos including the playful pastel Tara Babylon fashions archived on the website, CLICK HERE

Lead HaIr: Rodney Cutler, Cutler Salons … Products: Redken … Makeup: Maite Moreira for New York Makeup Academy … Flowers: Doan Li … Photos: Helen Oppenheim






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Photos: Helen Oppenheim and Getty Images (two center) …  Collage helenoppenheim.com

The Selkie New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2024 which took place in the St Regis rooftop ballroom was something else. It was a whimsical fantasy fairy tale showcasing models of all sizes, ages, one gorgeous girl in a wheelchair, two burlesque performers.  Inspired by the Cottingley Sisters, who convinced the world in 1917 that fairies might exist, Creative Director and Designer, Kimberly Gordon, produced a superspectacular show. She asks “Do You Believe?” She does, and she transported everyone back in time  to play dress up – “to embrace your inner child” with her cream puff dresses modernized with magic.

The feminine pretty hairstyles, many with hair extensions, was by Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken, and the make up by Lottie for Colour Pop featured a mole, soft bow lips, a flush-like blush.

To see the album with 27 photos CLICK HERE and to see videos of the show on Instagram CLICK HERE (check Posts and Highlighted Stories)

Hair: Linh Nguyen for Cutler Salons …  Products: Redken … Hair Extensions: EasiHairPro …
Makeup: Lottie for Colour Pop Cosmetics …  Models: Daphne Marleen Iaan (top left & center) … Pearls Daily (top right) … Kaitlin Sommer (bottom left and center) … Photos: Helen Oppenheim (top left and right, bottom left and right) …  Getty Images (top center and bottom center)