Vidal Sassoon’s Queue 1980

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 Vidal Sassoon's Fencers- 1980

Photo (from laser copy) by Lorraine Sylvestre

Wishing the US Fencers at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil good luck as they lunge, parry, and allez. Which brings to memory, the 1980 Vidal Sassoon Queue Collection, photographed with a fencing theme.   The hair, not for actual fencing, was romantic, the shirts had frills and ruffles, very new that season, and short hair was made long in a flash, with one movement, for her and him, using an all-in-one hair ornament invented by Avram of the Vidal Sassoon New York Salon. More from the collection, click HERE 

Her Hair: Avram, His Hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1980 … Makeup: Ted Nadel …  Models: Lynn Snowden and Avram … Photo (scan from a laser copy here, original lost) : Lorraine Sylvestre