Criss-Cross Hair Wrap – 1992

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Criss Cross Hair Wrap - 1992

Photo: Jon Williams

In 1992, the Criss Cross Wrap was an original hair idea invented by Kim Lepine with Renèe Cohen at a La Coupe Creative Evening preparing for the Holiday season.

Two inch wide sections on each side of the head were combed back and criss-crossed one over the other, then  pinned on the opposite side of the head.  The rest of the hair was tied in a low, loose ponytail.  From La Coupe’s Mish Mash album with fab hair from various campaigns.  For more, click here:

Hair: Kim Lepine, Renèe Cohen, La Coupe, New York …Color: Rita Starnella, La Coupe … Model: Linda Paldino … Photo: Jon Williams


Kiss Curls Drawn On , Oribe – 1997

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Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Now this is an original idea.  By the great  one and only Oribe.  For Manolo’s NY Fashion Week show in 1997, Oribe working with Fulvia the makeup artist, created kiss curls in his own original way, drawn on. A beaded sculpture decorated the back of the head. This is just one of many original ideas Oribe created for  the show, which was  was held at Oribe’s Fifth Avenue Salon, with plenty of Gold Chairs,  and I remember Veruschka was present amongst other luminaries.  Time for more interesting ideas like this during NY Fashion Weeks.  Please!

Hair: Oribe, Oribe Salon, New York, 1997 … Makeup: Fulvia … Photo: Helen Oppenheim