Nike Women’s Fashions US Open Tennis – 2020

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Nike Women's Fashions US Open Tennis – 2020

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Naomi Osaka and Victoria Azarenka are photographed here at the US Tennis Semi Finals for 2020. They will meet for the Final Saturday, September 12 at 4 on ESPN. Each have won two Grand Slam titles so the match should be a great one.  Osaka beat Jennifer Brady and Azarenka beat Serena Williams to get through the Final.

Osaka is wearing a color block body suit with a big cut-out at the back and plain red shorts, by Nike. Her mass of natural hair was worn in a high ponytail with ends moving up and down in exciting ways. Azarenka, also wearing Nike, from the Court Collection, inspired by André Agaasi and what he wore thirty years ago, in the 80s, looked colorific in neon shades of pink and purple with Interesting design elements here and there. But oops! She tucked her shorts up so they looked like knickers!!! (She did look great in the shorts before the tuck up!) Her hair was a mess of braids which are fun and, yes, different. They seem to be her signature hair look as they fly all over the place. Photos: Osaka, The Guardian, left, Juniper Sports Center (detail)
Photos: Azarenka: Helen Oppenhiem with thanks to ESPN