Juan-Manuel Alonso & His Hair Story – 2022

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Juan-Manuel Alonso & His Hair Story - 2022

Juan-Manuel Alonso Collage by helenoppenheim.com

Juan-Manuel Alonso is a Cuban/American Artist who is inspired by his heritage, what is around him, the paradise where he lives, in New Mexico, and his past life in New York where he went to FIT, designed and taught fashion (check the bio on his website.)  He works on several paintings at the same time, from one work to the next, in a trajectory of progression.  He also changes his very long hair almost every day in interesting ways I thought you’d like to see, along with photos of his hair past:

Top Row, Left to Right : 1986. Short hair, slicked back with Oribe Pomade, wearing turtle neck under a Byblos marino wool sweater, in San Francisco (Photo: Noel Sutherland) … 1980. Press kit image for Sahara Club/Nino Cerruti, where he designed men’s shirts … 1986.  Slicked back hair, with water, wearing Armani in San Francisco (Photo:Noel Sutherland) … 2019.  Hiking in Joshua Tree, CA with hair pulled back in a knot (Photo: Guy Seiler) … 2015. Hair slicked back under a straw bowler made in England, a custom made ivory silk suit, at a car show in Palm Springs  (Photo: Stephen Elson) … 2019. Hair flying in Palm Springs, CA, wearing a ’70s Lilly Pulitzer suit (Photo: Sondra Stocker)  …Middle Row, Left to Right : 2018.  Wearing a metal gold leaf laurel crown, long hair au naturel, wearing black Homme Plissé Issey Miyake (Photo: Sondra Stocker) … 2009. Sleek pull back bullfighter knot, low on neck, custom made Italian tuxedo in virgin wool gabardine, selfie taken in the car on the way to a wedding in Beverly Hills … 2009.  First image after hair started to grow back after chemotherapy and radiation. (Photo: Stephen Elson) … 2022.  Hair pulled back with sterling silver and turquoise Native American tie back, wearing a kimino top.  Painting On Our Merry Way. (Photo: Guy Seiler) … 2022. The Artist with a heart … Bottom Row, Left to Right: 2022. Hair tied back with a 1 1/2″ black silk ribbon and a sterling sliver/turquoise Native American tie back to hold the hair in place. Painting  On Our Merry Way.  (Photo: Guy Seiler) …  2022.  Hair tied back in a ponytail, black silk ribbon, long ends, wearing a star print shirt.  Painting On The Way to Mesa. Photo: Guy Seiler) … 2022.  Ponytail tied with three different Native American sterling silver ties.  Painting On The Way to Mesa. (Photo: Guy Seiler) … 2022. Hair slicked back into a ponytail, wrapped with a black leather motorcycle tie back, painting On The Way Home. (Photo: Guy Seiler) … 2022: Two ponytails tied with a collection of Native American tie backs – 3 sterling silver tie backs and 3 sterling silver turquoise tie backs, wearing a Yohji Yamamoto T-Shirt.  Painting Into The Forest.(Photo: Guy Seiler.)

https://www.alonso-art.com … @juanmanuelalonsoart …  Collage by Helen Oppenheim