Colorific Geometric Hair NYFW – 2018

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Colorific Geometric Hair NYFW - 2018

Photos: Courtesy Redken

Colorific Haircuts for the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2018 were by Redken’s Guido with Josh Woods,who colored the Vidal Sassoon ’60s-inspired modernized cuts on real hair, on nine of the world’s top models. No wigs.  The looks, as seen here in the July issue of Peluquerias Mazgazine, were all about skill, precision, placement – “knowing exactly where the place color to emphasize the  haircuts is key for these looks,” said the colorist, who wanted the girls to look like they were lit in a night club, with neon and strobe lighting in our references.”  And let’s not forget congratulations to Marc Jacobs, an American designer who is not content with safe nothing boring hair walking his runways!  For more on this. bigger and more photos, CLICK HERE

Hair: Guido, Redken Global Creative Director … Hair Color: Josh Woods, Redken Global Color Director … Products: Redken Satinwear 04, Shine Flash 02 … Color Products: Redken pH Nonder, Color Extend Magnetics, Flash Lift, City Beats/Color Gels Lacquers … Photos: Courtesy Redken


Short Hair Cuts With Style – 2018

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Short Hair Cuts With Style – 2018

Photos: Richard Monsieurs for NAHA/Professional Beauty Association

Two short hair cuts with style for those with style, by Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, NYC, a Finalist in the Hair Cutting Category of the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) for 2018. These photos got two pages in the June issue of Peluquerias Magazine.  The hair on the left is a short cut, finished with panache. But it can also be worn classic casual. The style on the right is for the avant-garde but it is versatile and can be styled less avant-garde!  It is easy to forget in this day of long hair with everyone looking the same, that a short hair cut can give someone personality – it can also be worn this way and that. And it should also be remembered that not everyone can cut short hair as well as they should! The Winners for NAHA will be announced in Las Vegas on July 29. Stay tuned …

Hair: Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, NYC … Photos: Richard Monsieurs


Cover #555 Peluquerias Magazine – 2018

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Cover #555 Peluquerias Magazine – 2018

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

This is the Peluquerias Magazine cover, #555, the May 2018 issue. The hair, by Jamie Furlan, Xiang Hair, Melbourne, Ausgtralia, is an intriguing asymmetric mix, short on one side, waving longer over one eye on the other, the top flying here and there. This issue of the hair fashion art magazine like no other featured my bridal issue column. To see more Peluquerias covers over the decades, CLICK HERE
and if you want to Share a few of the covers I have on my Helen Oppenheim Facebook Biz Buzz Page, CLICK HERE

Hair: Jamie Furlan, Xiang Hair, Melbourne, Austrailia … Hair Color: Danielle Solier … Makeup: Julie Provis …Fashion Styling: Elaine Marshall … Photo: Andrew O’Toole


Edward Tricomi’s Flower Fantasy – 2018

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Edward Tricomi's Flower Fantasy - 2018

Photo: Robert Presutti

This fabulous flower fantasy features flowers in a riot of colors, shapes and sizes pinned and wired onto a wig which was turned upside down and “sprayed to death,” said Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons of his wondrous hair rising to a peak way up to there, an image he has used to help promote his products and his new Education programs to learn the Warren-Tricomi way, and published in the March issue of Peluquerias Magazine, in my column.

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons NYC … Product: Warren Tricomi Superhold Hair Spray … Makeup: Vicky Steckel … Photo: Robert Presutti


Want To Be Published Internationally – 2018

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Want To Be Published Internationally - 2018

???? by

Cool idea. How about one of you hair talents out there creating something new, exciting, original. Perhaps spectacular.  A great photo. Or more.  Great hair. Great model. Great everything. If I love what you do, and do not see it all over the place, I will publish you beautifully in Peluquerias Magazine, an international magazine, minimum full page. Maybe two. Maybe a cover. And on my Blog, FB, Instagram, etc. You only need one magic shot for a full page. Can be more, perhaps for another page. Next column open is September. Deadline mid-June but I need to know before if something will be in the works.  Take a look around my blog on this website, put Peluquerias Magazine in the Search Box top right.  Need guidance before you submit? Contact me – CLICK HERE


Colorific Hair by Spain’s Tono Sanmartin – 2017

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 Colorific Hair by Spain's Tono Sanmartin - 2017

Photo: Art-Work Stone

Hair color by Tono Sanmartin inspired by the planet earth (#Planetatierra) by Spain’s king of hair sculptures, headdresses and hair to transport us from here to there with a wow. This short soft asymmetric look in colorific blues and greens was published with a full page in the January 2018 issue of Peluquerias Magazine.   You can see my very favorite Peluquerias cover with hair and the most extraordinary eyelashes ever by Tono Sanmartin if you CLICK HERE

Hair/Makeup: Tono Sanmartin, Valencia, Spain … Photo: Art-Work Stone


Peter Gray Hair How-To NYFW – 2018

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Peter Gray Hair How-To NYFW - 2018

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

Peter Gray’s Naughty Knot hair how-to photos got two pages in the December 2017 issue of Spain’s Peluquerias Magazine, a hair art fashion magazine like no other.  Taken backstage at the Badgley Mischka New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2018, the steps were published in four languages – and more vesions plus fashion photos, got another full page in my column in the January issue.  For larger photos and detailed steps, go to these photos archived in an album of the show on this website,  CLICK HERE

Hair: Peter Gray using Cutler/Redken … Makeup: Gucci Westman, Inglot … Model: Sophie Longford, Next  … Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Veil Re-Envisioned As Hair Accessory– 2017

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Veil Re-Envisioned As Hair Accessory– 2017

Photo: John Rawson

A veil of hair highlights made of extensions acts like a fringe and was placed over an elegant ponytail knotted and looped on top of the head. “The updo re-envisions the veil as a hair accessory,” according to Silas & Dorothy Tsang of Blushes in Canada, who said the hairstyling play on texture was inspired by the fashion designer Issey Miyake – “When Modernism Meets Tradition.” This and two other inspirational holiday hair looks by the Canadians made the first page of my column in the December issue of Peluquerias Magazine.

Hair: Silas & Dorothy Tsang, Blushes, Ottowa, Canada … Products: Kerastase … Makeup: Lan Nyugen-Grealis … Fashion Stylist: Jolanta Pilinkaite … Photo: John Rawson