Seen on Scene New York Fashion Week 2 – 2015

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Seen on Scene New York Fashion Week  – 2015

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim. Collage by

Day 2. Seen on Scene. Fab fashionistas and a serious fashion alert at Mercedes-Benz for Fall 2015.

Top Left To Right: Veil Fashion Alert. The veil returns. Big time. Worn casually.  Jazmin Ivy Rodriguez with her veiled cloud of tulle, slanting over one eye … Danijela Lazarevic wore her slanting-over-one-eye veil over a knit cap, with headphones needed as a producer of the Mongol show … Seth Jubb, wearing a great floral jacket from Zara Men, was handing out a great issue of The Daily Front Row (Second NYFW  issue, mostly on models, many wearing veils) . … Lucas Giadeno backstage at the Mongol show, lilac shaded hair, and underneath his fringed bracelet, both spot on

Bottom Left To Right: Two-Tone dreads are piled on top of the head of Jarrid Jones, a fashion photographer at the Mongol show … Stephan Chung has a great head of hair, worn with leather/jewelry by Phil Harris …. last four photos, fashion/jewelry designer, Phil Harris, in great long peachy orange corduroy coat, with interesting details and very wide tartan pants, plus one rather large earring.

(Note: Most of the fashionista photos will be posted on the  website soon, worth a look to really see the details.)