Camerart by Serge Beauchemin – 2019

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Camerart by Serge Beauchemin - 2019

Camerart: Serge Beauchemin

Love love love the Camerart by photographer Serge Beauchmin.  About this image, he said – Service a la clientele.  This is just one of Beachemin’s Camerart masterpieces to be found on his Facebook page, and a few on Instagram.  He works wonders on fashion, people, places, and everything that inspires him in Québec, where he is based, and other places he lives or has visited.  Love his eye.  Which I first discovered when I lived in Montreal and he photographed the famous La Coupe, Détente and Sleeper Collections, in the 70s.  Take a look, be hair inspired by the first three albums, CLICK HERE
For more on his Facebook page, CLICK HERE